Sunday, 8 February 2009

Much a Change For the Better

It's been very busy chez nous ce matin. Well, I've been very busy shouting orders from the sidelines and Andy has been very busy following those orders. (Spot the balance of power!) As you can see, we've been re-vamping the blog. We hope you like its new and improved look. Andy is very clever at all this techno-stuff. I merely sit and gaze at it, and him, in awe.

There are pictures of cats and chickens and vegetables and our wedding and my great-great- granny! And a chicken slide show!! And a video of Tybalt dancing to funky music whilst playing with bubbles!!! And sound effects!! And a highly amusing chicken balancing game!!!! We've changed the font, the colours and the layout. And the don't be alarmed at the 'Much Malarkey Manor' title. It's still under the umbrella of Ginnungagaps.

So now we're having a slobby afternoon. We've got a busy week ahead as Andy takes a well-deserved holiday from work. Tomorrow we're going to Bluewater. Andy wanted to know if it was like the Trafford Centre in Manchester. I said, yes, only posher because it's down south. Tuesday is Tiger Day so watch out for exciting piccies of me fending off big cats with raw chicken drumsticks. Wednesday we're helping my mum print off some photos from her digital camera and then we're going to dinner with our friend Jane. And the Thursday we're off to Norwich to see Heather with hopefully a good 21st birthday present that I shall locate at Bluewater tomorrow. Nothing planned for Friday...yet.

And by the way, I have successfully ordered my free book from Puffin Post.

Phoebe will be pleased...

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