Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Renovations Day Three

(N.B Renovations Day Two passed by in a blur of going to work, teaching all day and then having to stay until 8 p.m for the Sixth Form Open Evening, in order to drum up trade for next September and, hopefully, secure my job.)

So, I arrive home late last night to find the hall looking like a plumber's merchants. Cardboard boxes containing various pieces of sanitary ware in various states of disassembly, block the pathway to my exciting delivery of the day...the NEW RANGE COOKER!! (Well, what would you get most excited about - a toilet or a lovely oven? Even if the toilet is one of those that butts straight onto the bathroom wall in a smooth and streamlined way thus avoiding annoying gaps beyond the behind that are difficult to clean. And I'm still talking toilet here. And not other forms of behinds.)

And there she was! In the middle of the kitchen. No, not the new toilet. I told you, that was in the hall. Please keep up. No, the new range cooker. It's HUGE! Actually, it's bigger than I thought it'd be. It's cream and shiny and you could stuff it with a whole flock of Christmas geese.
The cats have adopted it already as a glorified cat bed. And there's even a little storage section for putting your premature lambs in to keep warm. If we had any premature lambs. Which we don't. But one can never be too careful.

Upstairs, the bathroom has gone from apocalyptic building site to minimalist cube. Today, I came home to find the bathroom accoutrements still cluttering the hallway. I went to see what progress had been made and it seems that the electrician had been in, as the bathroom light was disconnected. I'm rather bemused about where the extractor fan is going to be located, because I had this crazy idea of a massive hole being bored through the wall into the outside world, thus allowing steam to escape, but no such hole has appeared nor looks like it is going to. I think Dave the Plumber said something about the extractor being linked to the light fitting somehow. It all sounded like mystical plumbing magic to me.

On the tile front, as if I haven't suffered enough tile trauma, we have decided that the black flower tiles on white and the white flower tiles on white need a plain black, very thin border tile to go on the wall betwixt them, in order to delineate them, so to speak in interior design parlance. So another trip to the DIY doo-dah shop is required. I may need to take tranquillisers before hand.

I am still thinking teal 'n' purple for the accent colour.

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