Thursday, 17 February 2011

And the Award Goes To...

Birthday of the Day : Heather is 23. How old does that make me feel? Not as old as next month when Chris is 25

Weird Comment of the Day : 'Have you been eating salad in here, ma'am? It stinks...' (from my after-dinner tutee who clearly survives on Monster Munch and Red Bull)

Wild Guess of the Day : Me - 'So what's a mid-mounted engine then?
Boy who thinks he knows all about cars - 'It's an engine that helps you
climb mountains.'

Hairy Moment of the Day : Kayleigh discovering she can climb up and down the step into my writing room - well, that she can fling herself across it and Gran will catch her.

Too Much of a Good Thing of the Day : Chocolate birthday cake covered in chocolate fudge icing and Maltesers and chocolate buttons

Brush with Fame Moment of the Day: Almost being stampeded by the pop band who came into school to do a show for the Year 7 and 8s. Okay, they weren't famous, but they looked very professional with their microphones and weird head gear

Male Chauvinist Pig of the Day : Him what called me Norah Batty suggesting that perhaps I could have a cup of tea ready for him at break time.

CD Moment of the Day : Michael Buble

Bliss Moment of the Day : getting home and sharing a cuppa tea and a chat with Andy

Biggest Laugh of the Day : work colleague threatening a student with a staple gun after he dared to lean against her new wall display

Chicken of the Day : Mrs Miggins, for being an all-round fabulous Rita Heyworth Hen

Cat of the Day : Tybalt, for continuing to produce the least offensive cat poos

Man of the Day: Andy, for cooking me a lovely dinner

Oops of the Day : Andy + a cup of tea + a Simon Pegg autobiography + the living room carpet

Family History Excitment Day : discovering Great- great-granny Kate Amelia Hallpike was a teacher, too!

Itch of the Day : just below my right shoulder blade

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