Thursday, 2 June 2011

Done and Done

Why can't employers be happy with a CV? Why do they all have to have their own application forms which want to know useless bit of information like how many 'O' levels I got in 1982? Or how many CPD courses I've been on in the last 5 years? Well, that one was easy actually, because the answer is none, because I've been too busy teaching to go on courses that tell you drinking lots of water will keep your brain hydrated and let you juggle more balls, and besides, every time I'm away from school for some reason, the staff who cover lessons leave things in such a state of disarray I'd rather not go on CPD courses if I can help it. Of course, it's my fault for wanting to keep my classroom neat and tidy, and if I was an untidy scruff bag instead of a control freak it wouldn't bother me. But I am and it does.

Anyway, I reckon I do enough CPD during twilight sessions in school, and if I want to learn anything new to do with my subject, I'll find out myself and in my own time, which also has the added bonus of avoiding the incessant coffee breaks and feed-back sessions that external CPD
are so fond of including in their programmes.

That's my excuse. Two application forms sent off today. To use a fishing analogy, I've baited the hook and am now waiting for a bite.

The living room is decorated! There has been much moving of furniture and squishing of cats who seem oddly attracted to heavy sofas in locomotion. Only one door had to be removed, and it went back on its hinges okay with the minimum amount of swearage. The room looks lovely and I've given strict instructions that people can only stand at the door and admire it. No performing Wii-Fit on the new carpet and treading down the pile and dripping sweat everywhere. No kitty claws near the new oak sideboard and the new oak TV unit. No leaning against the wallpaper. And when the new sofa 'n' cuddle chair combo arrive, no sitting on them. I think that's about covered it all.

Of course, when you start spending money on things you like, things that make your life more aesthetically pleasing, then sod's law says you'll have to spend money on something you don't want to. Ergo, yesterday evening, the boiler started started playing up. Try as I might, I cannot get as excited about spending money on a boiler as I can about spending money on lovely wallpaper. Strange, I know, but true.

In keeping with the North/ South divide, Andy immediately announced we'd probably need a new boiler and I went for the tiny gizmo not working properly and costing £20 to put right - 'I've got one on the van, won't take a minute to fix, missus' - option. It seems that when you turn on a hot water tap, and the boiler fires up to heat the water as it comes off the mains, it then doesn't switch off again when you turn off the tap which suggests to me some loose thermostatic connection thingummy. It also suggests incredibly hot water very quickly so you have to be careful when you put your fingers. It's not an immediate problem - just means you have to switch the whole boiler off at source. But it will need fixing and therefore is a pain - expensive or cheap.

Ah well, at least I can go and stand in the living room and meditate upon the lovely wisteria wallpaper. And you never know, soon I may have a new job and we can get a new boiler anyway.

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