Saturday, 11 June 2011


Following on from the 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. Then give up. No sense being a damn fool about it,' malarkey, it appears that by adopting this approach the Universe has loosened up a few things here at MMM (including Andy's poor shoulder) and new ideas and choices have leapt to the fore which have caused me to feel what I can only describe as bloomin' happy and positive about the future!

I have a job interview on Wednesday. I was requested to 'put in an application form' by a head teacher, and then the deputy head said the interview was more like a 'chat' and that 'everything would be fine' and he was 'very happy I would be joining the school.'

It was all very reassuring in a 'BINGO!' kind of way.

The salary means an opportunity to pay off the mortgage more quickly. Being mortgage free means freedom to move anywhere we like without the hassle of having to find jobs to go to first because you need jobs to continue a mortgage in that crazy mortgage-job-mortgage vicious circle. We can still follow our dream of having a smallholding or a cottage in the country with a massive sod-off garden, or a build-our-own plot or a find-a-wreck-and-renovate-it; we've just suddenly found ourselves going about it in a slighty different way to the way. A more secure, positive, hopeful way. And all through letting go of the stubborn way we were trying to go about it before.


We discussed this change of route to our dream, my lovely Andy and I, on a trip to Canterbury for a spot of shopping, a spot of walking and a spot of lunch. It's been a difficult couple of weeks. Andy has been in pain with his shoulder and when he hasn't been in pain he has been doped up to his eyeballs on painkillers that are massive enough to zombify a horse. I've been feeling horrid because I couldn't do anything about his injury save make sympathetic noises and channel a bit of healing plus one of the younger teachers at school has been having troubles and I've been acting as adopted mummy to her.

But now Andy is upstairs sorting out his office and digging out bank statements because he's been told he can actually reclaim from the Inland Revenue quite a large wodge of his professional membership fees from the last seven years, and he is singing as he works! And I am deep in happy planning for September, most of which involves reading children' s books, and who wouldn't enjoy that kind of preparation??

Letting go (or 'quitting' as some might have it) has given us the freedom to move forward. It's been like travelling on a road that might go somewhere, then jumping off a bridge onto a road that has a definite destination.

Who'd have thought it, eh?

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