Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bless You, Husband, Bless You, Grand-daughter

Horrid day today. Bright Year 11 followed by not so bright Year 11, followed by double Year 12, followed by nasty, self-possessed, egotistical, loud, rude and shouty Year 9. Thirty one of them. Didn't have time for lunch in the measly half an hour we now get, so by the time the horrid Year 9 had left my door, I was feeling like a rubbish teacher. No, a rubbish and hungry teacher.

I shut the door of my room. I looked at my sad and droopy lunch and tried to eat some of it. Then I did some of my classroom display which included hanging material to make curtains at the sides of my 'All the World's a Stage' Shakespeare display, and then I wrote my lesson plans for tomorrow because it has been decreed from on high that ALL lessons must have a full plan, but I'm thinking unless God invents the 35 hour day it ain't gonna happen, no way, no how unless they want me to go crazy though lack of sleep/ social life/ food.

At 4.45 I thought, I am going home now, I've had enough. On my way out I found a member of support staff on the verge of tears; so I stayed to chat with her, and I think she felt better when I said cheerio.

And then I found a fellow teacher on the verge of tears, so I stayed and had a chat to her.

So I didn't get home until way gone 6.


...the house smelled gorgeous because lovely Andy had cooked a Hugh F-W veggie recipe from his new veggie recipe book for dinner! He'd bought saffron and everything!

And then Andy said, 'Chris and Leane had to take Kayleigh to Casualty today.'

And I went, 'WHAT???' because I was thinking, oh no, is this going to be the perfect end to a perfect day in a wholly ironic way.

And Andy said, 'It's okay. She just got a raisin stuck up her nose and they couldn't get it out.'

And it made me laugh. With relief. With the whole silliness of the situation. With memories of the time Heather got a dice stuck up her nose on Christmas Day, but we didn't have to go to Casualty because I managed to get her to snuff it out herself.

But I suppose raisins are more sticky than dice. And the surface area is less forgiving.

So bless you both, for making the end of my day a good one! xx

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