Saturday, 8 October 2011


Okay, the thing made me laugh like a loon this morning wasn't exactly schadenfreude because the hilarity was more ironic than malicious.

And I can't tell you the exact details of the hilarity.

But suffice to say the comment that made me laugh (and it was an involuntary reaction because I know I should be mature enough to control my thoughts and say, 'No, Denise, that's not nice. Rise above it. Be charitable. Be kind) was made by someone who describes themselves as a mother and housewife and I've known this person for 20+ years and well, if you knew what I knew, you'd been laughing, too.

And I don't know if God reads blogs, but if he/she does, then I am truly sorry and if I have to tolerate a class of monsters next week as karmic payback for my lack of spirituality this morning then so be it because it will be worth every giggle I emitted.

And I've probably been set back a pace or two on the path to the wings 'n' halo combo. And Satan and all his little demons probably rubbed their clawed hands together for the brief moment a dark smudge appeared on my soul.

And I'm sorry I'm still having a snigger about what I read.

I'm trying to get a grip. Honest I am.

And I know that if I was really sorry I'd contact this person and apologise to them. Except they wouldn't understand the irony. Or why I felt I needed to apologise. So I can't because I'm human and actually, to be honest, I don't want to.

Sigh...I try to be good. Most of the time. Most of the time I try to be kind and helpful.

But sometimes I fail. Like this morning.

But it did make me laugh.

What I read.

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