Wednesday, 11 January 2012

8 Hours

It is Day 11 of No TV For Me and I have to say the whole resolution caboodle is proving far easier than I expected. This could be, of course, that there REALLY is nothing to watch on TV these days and I know instinctively that I'm not missing anything. Or it could be that, by not looking at the TV schedules in the paper, I remain unaware of missing anything decent on the telly. Or it could be that I am feeling particularly stubborn at the moment and I don't want to give in because I don't want people saying, 'Ha! Told you so,' when they catch me, goggle-eyed on the sofa at 2.30 in the morning watching 4 year old reruns of 'Come Dine With Me.'

Anyway, I became aware of another benefit of the 'No TV' thing this morning in that I slept solidly for 8 hours last night which is something I haven't achieved for years! Well, except when I had norovirus last Easter, but that was more the sleep of a drug -induced stupor and desperate exhaustion rather than a state of natural blissfulness, so that doesn't count.

I read a bit beforehand - some more Stella Gibbons and a book on quilting as I am thinking it seems appropriate I should get very involved with some sewing on these long dark Winter evenings - then it was lights out, head on the pillow, instant zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and the next thing I know it's 6am and I'm hopping out of bed ready to meet the day and 11X1 head on. (11X1 are being especially trying at the moment. I don't think they've twigged they will be leaving school to join the big wide world in less than 6 months,; they still think school is one big laughy youth club kinda thing. Exams? What exams?)

It must be the lack of telly agitating my brain, I thought. That's why I'm sleeping so well. And I'm not having such weird dreams either which is a relief to both me and Andy.

So I feel encouraged to continue ignoring the TV. This evening, Andy and I ate dinner in the kitchen whilst listening to some comedy and then the Archers on the radio and sharing events from our busy working days. And now I am doing some writing and am about to dig out some sewing and go and join Andy in the living room where he is listening to classical music!

It's all very civilised and peaceful.

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