Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mr Pie Man

I didn't know what to write for today's blog. The week, per se, has been fairly uneventful.
Work has been okay. The weather has been okay. I've made it to Day 14 of No TV For Me without any adverse reactions. I even managed to resist the new series of Hustle last night.

I've bought two new books on quilting, patchwork and applique and have been dreaming about setting up some sort of arty quilting/ patchwork/ applique business when we finally move to Herefordshire.

One of my sixth formers, who had previously declared that she 'hated' Pride and Prejudice has now declared it as one of her favourite books and she's going to read all the others Jane Austen wrote. My inspirational teaching job is done.

Mrs Pumphrey is looking broody - well, she's been in the garden flinging bits of grass and straw onto her back which is a sure sign there could be a egg on the way, although she is 4 years old now and we're not expecting much vis a vis quantity and quality.

And I have logged into the blog twice today, stared at the screen and found myself devoid of anything witty and/or intelligent to say.

And what was Andy doing all this time? I'll tell you what he was doing. He was making a PIE, that's what he was doing!

And here it is!! (It's at the top of the blog, too, but for some reason the picture moving doo-dah is being very resistant to moving pictures where I want them to be moved.)
What a pie!!!! Isn't it MAGNIFICENT??? It's chicken, ham and apricot, so I shan't be eating any, but I am mightily impressed with its overall stature. In fact, when we move to Hereford, I think Andy should have a pie making business next to my sewing business and we could call it something like... er... well, I'll have to think about that one.

Crust 'n' Quilt? The Appliqued Pie?

Okay, so the concept may need working on, but it could work. And given that I read in the paper this morning that there is a company that organises parties for pregnant women to celebrate the first scan of their baby foetus, I think there could be a market for less ridiculous ideas.


Andy said...

'Mind Our Ps and Qs' We just need to find a psychologist to come in with us!

Denise said...

Well, then Mrs Slocombe is the obvious choice. What she doesn't know about crackers and nuts isn't worth commenting upon.