Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Feeling Flat

Andy and I are having a flat day. A day where, having been on the property market for almost six weeks now, the excitement of being potentially on the move has faded into the background of our life. I mean, what is one supposed to do whilst waiting for a buyer? Carry on as usual? Look at houses? Not look at houses? Either way, we are both feeling like we are not going to be moved by Christmas  and that means we are looking into the new year and 2013 seems a life time away.

Ah well. Andy made some chocolate biscuits, and we sat and had a cuppa and a chat ( I had a cuppa and a chat and cough) and we've decided we'll plod on and wait. Not much else we can do really.

Well, I can. I can sort out a new job. Being at home for a couple of days has given me much needed thinking time. Most of my thinking as been silly thinking. Like last night I thought, 'I could sew bags. Bespoke bags. Handbags, shoulder bags, iPad bags, shopping bags. And I could put a tiny toy cat in each one as my unique selling point and call the brand 'Cat in a Bag.'

And whilst I was thinking 'cat' and 'bag' I thought, 'cats love boxes. I could develop a range of boxes for cats to play in.' And Pandora Kitten could model them and I could call the brand 'Pandora's Box.' Unfortunately, Pandora said that boxes were becoming very passé and there was no way she'd associate herself with such a product. However, if I should develop a line of luxury mini-castles for cats, she would pop on her tiara and flounce around a bit because being associated with a brand called 'Chat in a Chateau' would boost her street cred no end and probably help launch her own career in Hollywood.

See. Silly thinking.

Or I could set up a business where I go into schools and teach teachers how to use English properly. Which, on reflection, isn't such a silly idea.

I do like the idea of working for myself. It's just finding the right thing to do.

Andy has been at home today. He has been mostly baking. Bread and biscuits today. It was croissants and Chelsea buns over the weekend and consequently I am feeling a bit well fed. That's something else I am looking forward to in the New Year - getting back into regular park walking. No time nowadays, especially as it's dark when I go to work in the morning and almost dark when I get home. Andy has also finished murder most horrid on the buddleia.

'I've sawn the trunk right to the ground,' he said, because he had.
'That won't stop it,' I said. 'It'll be back bigger and uglier next year.'
'It'll be time to start on the willow harvest soon,' he said, because once he gets a saw in his hands, there's no stopping him and he was eyeing up the willow arch with a glint in his eye.
'I could make some willow wreaths and dangle miniature lavender bags on them,' I said.
'And what would you brand those as?' said Andy, who is clearly expecting some witty slogan.

'I have no idea,' I said.

Feeling flat.

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