Thursday, 11 October 2012

Grape Expectations

Moment of excitement yesterday when Andy thought he spied some grapes on one of the vines we transplanted from the allotment. On closer inspection the 'grapes' turned out to be berries from the honeysuckle that has run rampant along the fence beside the vine.

However, one garden illusion that is real is the reappearance of grass on the lawn area. This, for me, is an illusion tinged with sadness because it reminds me that we are currently chickenless. However, Andy is thrilled because he likes a spot of grass in the garden. He set about giving it a trim using the hedge trimmer. I'm not sure if using a hedge trimmer on a lawn is the best idea, but concede it is a better idea than using my kitchen scissors which is what happened a few weeks ago when the 'lawn' or 'tussock' as it was then, needed its first trim. And that will give you an idea of the extent of our back lawn. Which is, basically, pathetic.

Consequently, Andy has decided that he is going to returf. He is very keen to returf. To help nature along a bit. I remember doing some turfing once. It involved a lot of unrolling and stomping. It was instant grass. It was brilliant, especially as you get to cut up some of the sods to fit awkward edges, like a jigsaw puzzle. And also because you get to say 'sods'.

When will the turfing happen? I do not know. I do not even know if it is turfing season. It is certainly the season of driving to work with steamed up windows, and being covered in cats of an evening. And sipping of the cocoa and remembering to keep an umbrella at work. And the first inklings of Christmas are beginning to inkle. And the front garden is covered in spider webs. The front garden is also covered in grass which I don't think the spiders care about especially, but it does mean it won't need returfing.

And this weekend I am going to take some lavender cuttings, because there are some sprigs on the oldest lavender in the border that look at me every morning as I leave for work positively begging me to make them into new baby plants, so I shall.

And now I shall go because I am aware I am rambling, and I am tired and I can hear a cuppa and home made chocolate biscuit calling me from the kitchen.

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