Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Flora Helps

What with one thing and another, the last two weeks have proved rather trying, and as a consequence I have been feeling testy, irritated and marginally annoyed with life.

And I have learned that when I am feeling like this it is best to avoid blogging, because my pen IS my sword and it could have erred towards sharpness which would not have been good for the spirit or my karmic piggy bank.

However, after much propping up from an excellent hubbie and a marvellous long-time friend, I feel once more clear-headed and focused, and tickety-booness reigneth large, and lessons learned have been noted for future reference.

And so this morning I have been carpet wrestling. Someone (can't think who) thought it would be an excellent idea that as we were redecorating our bedroom, then why not redecorate Andy's study AS WELL, including paint and carpet, the whole hog as it were? Marvellous! Get it all done at once! Surely we could fit two rooms' worth of 'stuff' into my arty-crafty writing room, couldn't we? Yeah! It'll go, no probs!!

Well, there was some overspill into the living room. There was a lot of squishing and squashing going on at 6.30 this morning. And then Andy left for work, and it was up to me to remove two lots of carpet and underlay from the two respective rooms before the carpet fitter chap arrived with the new carpet.

It was okay though! I had a helper...


Olly said...

My, hasn't she grown! Glad to see she was lifting a paw. My cats are quite good at pulling up carpet although I'm not actually planning on replacing it just yet.

Denise said...

She has, hasn't she, Olly? She is almost nine months old now and of all the cats that I have ever been blessed with during my life, she has got to be the one who is most into everything. I really think she believes she is in charge of the world!! How is your knitting coming along? X

Vera said...

Looking forward to seeing a photo of the finished room. It must be nice to be tidy. I used to be tidy once, before France came along and chaos became the normal state to be living in!

rusty duck said...

Typical man. "I've got this great idea..." then goes out and leaves you with it.
Does Andy like grey? x

Denise said...

To be fair, Jess, it was my stupid idea to do a massive redecorate all in one hit because if there is going to be mess then I want it in small, concentrated doses rather than prolonged odds and sods here and there!

As for The Grey Issue, well, Andy is usually ambivalent about home decor decisions, and as I will have NOTHING to do with grey (oddly) then he got Wild Primrose, the same as our bedroom!! Mind you, he will be assembling the mass of IKEA shelving that arrived first thing this morning. Now THAT is a man's job!!

Vera, I shall email you some photos of the finished product! I am very happy with how it turned out, and as you know I am in much admiration of your patience with building chaos. I would have stomped back to the UK by now. But order will come from chaos - that is what scientists say anyway. Xx