Thursday, 4 December 2008

Hair today

On Tuesday I took advantage of a 50% off voucher in the local newspaper to have a haircut. I write about it only now because it's taken me a couple of days to get over the shock of the resulting hairdo every time I catch sight of myself in the mirror. Now, before my daughter, Heather, reads this and thinks 'OMIGOD!! What has she done now? Am I going to have to hide her at the back of the audience when she comes to see my fabulous production of The Crucible at the weekend?', I would like to reassure her that no, everything is fine and even if it wasn't, everyone would know I'm her mother even if I turned up with a red mohican so she couldn't get away from it by smuggling me in at the back after the lights have gone down even if she wanted to. (I've just read back that sentence - does it make sense? I think it does, but I can't work out how to make it simpler because I'm suffering from brain freeze having spent a good portion of this morning outside in the pouring, icy rain trying to encourage the hens into the relative dry and warmth of the greenhouse.)

Anyway, back to the hair-do. My 'consultation' was with the salon owner, Damon, who was very earnest and sincere and talked a lot about face shapes. Now, I've tried on occasion to work out my own face shape. To do this, one takes a lipstick and draws around the outline of one's face with it on a mirror. Step back and you discover that your face shape is .....Mrs Potato Head! At least, that's been my experience. So it was a relief to discover, under the professional eye of Damon that I am 'oblong'. Oblong? Hmmm....I was hoping for a 'heart' or 'oval' but no, in order to achieve the perfect 'heart' or 'oval' my hair needs to be cut in a shape to give me more width. Now for someone who has spent many years of her life trying to reduce her general overall width, this was alarming news. I suppose that I should count myself lucky that my face shape didn't turn out to be 'round' (aka fat). I have no idea what to do. Damon runs three ideas past me; one sounds 'safe', one sounds 'maginally risky' and the last is complete madness (it involved the words 'Purdey' and 'The Avengers') So I plump for option 2, marginally risky and away we go.

And it's very good! I'll admit there was a moment of panic when Damon disappeared behind me and the sound of a razor could be heard for a few brief seconds, but yes, it's a very good haircut and I am pleased with it. Well done, Damon! 10/10 - I shall be back!

Of course, I shall have to wash my hair soon and then it could all go pear-shaped as I try to recreate the salon blow dry effect. But M and S have a sale today - if it EVER STOPS RAINING I may pop into town this afternoon and buy a hat. I'll take it with me to Norwich at the weekend. Just in case Heather mentions that there is a 'special entrance to the theatre just for you, Mum. Its round the back. Oh, and can you just put this bag over your head? It's all part of the audience participation.....'

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