Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Birthday Fun

Firstly, Happy Birthday to Olly who shares 2nd November with me as a Birthday. May your day be merry and the next year bright! And thank you for continuing to follow all the Malarkey.

Secondly, I love birthdays!! And this year has been a particularly good one. Many cards. Many flowers. And lots of really nice pressies, like books (Stephen Fry's Chronicles, The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory, The Encylopedia of Quilting and Patchwork, Rose Elliot's Complete Vegetarian, 100 ways for a Chicken to Train Its Human (!!!!!), Stories the Feet Can Tell Reflexology), CDs (Scissor Sisters and Ladies of Letters), lovely posh smelly candles, two key-rings (one Nissan Figaro, one zebra with 'Grandma' printed on it), a snazzy bag with cats on it, chocolates from Hotel Chocolat, DVDs (Outnumbered Series 1 and 2 and The Mummy 3), 'a 'Beware Chickens!' sign, a subscription to a vegetarian magazine, some M and S vouchers with the instruction I was NOT to spend them on sensible shoes or black trousers, a floaty flowery purply boho dress, a mouse mat printed with a bee picture that I took of a bumblebee on Malarkey lavender this summer, and a packet of quinoa (don't ask!!).

And then my Mum came round with an ENORMOUS chocolate birthday cake, so we had tea and cake and chat.

And then Andy took me, Leane and Kayleigh out to lunch, to a pub which serves THE best fat chips ever.

And this evening we are having a proper birthday party with proper party food like nibbles and dips and crisps and stuff.

And next week Andy and I are going to see Penelope Keith in 'The Rivals'.

And I've been offered some part time work until Christmas which means we can turn the central heating on this Winter!!

So thank you to all my lovely family and friends who made this birthday a special day.


Bob said...

Ah - Er, Card bought some weeks ago still sitting on side, waiting to post - whoops - hey if you could wait til 13th, Ill hand deliver it!

Its nice to have something to look forward to!


Olly said...

Thank you for the name check, Denise *blush* Glad you had a good day, I had a wonderful birthday but I am stretching mine out to last all month. It is a rather BIG birthday though! I'm intrigued by the packet of quinoa ...

Denise said...

I hope your elongated birthday celebrations do you proud, Olly! As for the packet of quinoa, well, since becoming a proper veggie, I have been trying all sorts of new foods. I am a couscous fan and I wanted to try quinoa. However, I am appalled by the price of it. Such a small packet for a seemingly hefty price tag. So Andy figured that he would get me a packet for part of my birthday present and that way I could try it out without having a fit at the check-out in Sainsbugs!

I am such a weirdo!

Denise said...

Bob, that is a shockingly pathetic excuse, but I am looking forward to our beside the seaside weekend so I shall forgive you. But it had better be a funny card.

With chocolate attached.