Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Can I just say...?

Can I just say that all I have to say about AOL is their customer service deserves 'nil points?' And that they don't understand the concept of a) keeping their customers fully informed of doings with their account and b) what 'automated customer service line' means? Can I just say that Wickes' customer services deserve 'douze points?' because a) they are cheerful, polite and b) they ANSWER THE FLIPPIN' PHONE rather than letting it ring and ring and ring before putting you on hold FOREVER so they can take your money at x amount of pee per minute in order to boost their coffers?

And can I just say that only one of the encounters with aforesaid customer services has this prevented me from writing my blogette and I'll leave it up to you to ascertain which one?

And can I also say a BIG huggly 'thank you' to you if you have supported the efforts towards making 'Nearly King Jimbo' a global literary success by purchasing a copy from Lulu?

And that I was rather thrilled that I got a lovely tax rebate with my salary this month and I did a little 'Yay! Christmas!' jig in the office where I have nested in order to do tutoring?

And can I just point out to one of my tutees that arachnids are NOT called arachnids because they come from Iraq, despite what he thinks he might have heard on the telly once?

Can I just say that my grand-daughter is turning into a very knowing little human being, which suggests to me she is in possession of a highly intelligent brain, and that I could squeeze her until she squeaks because she is soooooooo scrummy?

And can I say that I hope Phoebe's tummy upset clears up soon because all this week I feel like I've done little more than clear up cat doo-doo and am beginning to think I'd rather eat rice pudding and we all know how I feel about rice pudding?

Also, can I say that even though I fight very hard against fuelling Andy's obsession with Doctor Who, we actually had a cake to celebrate Doctor Who's birthday yesterday?

And finally, that I am glad Ann Widdecombe is still in Strictly Come Dancing because she caused me to laugh so much at her performance last Saturday that I almost wet myself!

Go Ann!!!!!

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