Tuesday, 2 August 2011


... with bees in the roof space
... with boilers on the blink
... with daughters and their boyfriends
... with sons and their weddings
... with pianos and their innards
... with mortgages and their rates
... with incompetent lawyers who make assumptions
... with having to go places you don't want to be seen dead in

... with dodgy bathroom windows
... with awful books to teach (esp. Captain Corelli's Mandolin - eurghhh!)
... with friends who aren't very well and worry you
... with allotments overgrown with weeds
... with days too hot for baking
... with a mind fed up with it all
... with the sudden onset of bingo wings
... with a school that STILL hasn't sent a letter of appointment even though its nearly eight weeks since the interview

... with gangs of spitting, swearing youths roaming the road with their idiot haircuts and penchant for lager for elevenses
... with the people next-door-but-one who have been BANGING and DRILLING non-stop for 4 days now
... with trying to think of what to cook for dinner tonight after more than 25 years of thinking what to cook for dinner tonight
... with too many expectations to be Wonder Woman... and all that jazz... you know what I think? I think I might just pack a bag and RUN AWAY FROM IT ALL NOW...


Anonymous said...

Please don't xxxxx

Denise said...

Thank you for my Kindle! 'Twas sufficient bribery for me to stay.

Have given myself a SEVERE talking to and am tackling list of stresses with determination and vast amounts of sugar-loaded snacks xxxxx