Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Heat Wave!

And now I return, a mere few hours after first blog post of the day to report that in Kent, the sun is shining, and all is warm. Tootsies (bare), hands (pink 'n' glowy) and jumper-free body (toasty). The hens are sunbathing in the borders, the cats are sprawled on the kitchen tiles because they are cool (the tiles, not the cats - well, obviously our cats are cool in a hip 'n' trendy way, but otherwise, covered in fur, they are expressing their over-heatedness.)

Sunshine action today includes:

1) the arrival of a wedding dress purchased from e-bay. The VERY SAME wedding dress that Leane fell in love with during our wedding dress foray a few weeks ago. Only less than a third of the price and complete with hoop! Okay, it's been worn. Once. And it needs to be dry-cleaned. But hey, what a result! Leane is very happy.

2) taking aforesaid wedding dress to Dry Cleaner Number 1 who wanted £70 to clean it. Minor panic attack at cost SO took wedding dress to Dry Cleaner Number 2 who wanted £110 to clean it. Major and potentially lethal panic attack ensued SO took wedding dress to Dry Cleaner Number 3 who asked £45. Phew! Heart rate returned to normal. That's more like it.

3) standing in very long queue in Post Office, being ticket number 74 with 17 people ahead of me. Stared into space. Watched Post Office TV - wouldn't recommend it 'cept for cure for insomnia. Time in queue was inversely proportional to time spent conducting transaction in a very HUGE way.

4) quick shop in Sainsbugs. Tried to make witty banter with old lady assistant who was manning the self-service tills. She gave me a look that would freeze over Hell. Such cheerful customer service! Such charm! Such joy! Ha!

5) gee-ing myself up for return to work tomorrow. Think of all those little brains, ready to absorb the wonders of English literature. Think of the eager faces waiting to be inspired into life-long learning. Think of the money....think of the money....

6) printing off CV for Heather whose printer is currently devoid of ink. She's up to London. She heard of a vacancy at Phantom of the Opera for backstage crew. She is getting in there QUICK. No faffing with the post (very wise, given how much of my life I wasted in the Post Office this morning). Present yourself at the stage door. Say 'HERE I AM!' in a loud and theatrical manner. It's the way one does it in the Arts, don't you know.

7) a rare visit to Santander to use their facilities and managing to conduct all of my business without speaking to a soul. They used to have a 'meeter and greeter' by the door who'd at least say 'Hello, do you need any help?' Now even that 'service' seems to have fallen by the wayside. Still, lots of doughnuts in the staff-room waiting to be eaten I suppose. Why waste time with the personal touch??

8) cutting a swathe of MMM lavender, which is now arranged artistically in blue 'n' white jug in the window and making the living room smell gorgeous.

But it's clouding over again. I may yet need my fluffy socks.

1st September tomorrow. Blizzard, do you think?

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