Friday, 17 February 2012

Insurance - PAH! And other exciting animals...

My little blue car is due to have its insurance renewed. Now, bearing in mind I have (touchwood) an unblemished driving record of almost 29 years, and that last year my little blue car and I just about managed to travel 2,000 miles between us, and I am not a boy-racer (although I do own an angora-mix M & S knitted hoodie), and the value of my little blue car is, well, little in comparison to say a Porsche or Tardis or aircraft carrier, one would expect one's insurance renewal quote to be around the same or even - dare I say- slightly less than it was last year.


It came in at double PLUS a little bit more! £270 something to £550!! HOW? WHY??

Totally unnecessary, I thought, as little blue car and I have been good this year, so I got straight on to Compare The Small Mammal from the

And within 3 minutes (because I had saved my details from last year and it was as easy as checking 'n' clicking), I got a quote for £228!

Now, tell does that work then? Same cover, same excess, same everything, but a different company = £322 cheaper! I don't understand. It all seems a bit peculiar to me. But oddly satisfying...

However, that wasn't the best bit. Oh no!! Because I bought my insurance through Compare The Small Mammal from the, I was rewarded with a FREE Small Mammal from the Desert of my own! (Not a real live one, you understand - I think the chickens might have something to say about a meerkat maurading the Manor grounds) but a soft toy version!

I was directed to the Meerkovo website, where my name appeared on a banner and the resident meerkats did a little song and dance for me and I was told they were sending my soft toy at once, and I could track its progress across the globe from Meerkovo (wherever that is - I suspect somewhere near Milton Keynes, or Stranraer) to 'zee UK' via their on-line tracking tool.

It was all very exciting!

Other exciting things week -

a) Heather's 24th birthday today! Managed to light and blow out 24 candles on the cake without setting off smoke alarm

b) getting a £5 off M & S voucher in the Daily Rant yesterday and using it to buy a jumper I saw at the weekend that I liked but didn't buy because something stopped me and it was obviously God saying 'Wait until Thursday and you'll save a fiver.'

c) seeing my friend Janet yesterday for lunch

d) getting a lovely floaty top from Andy as a Valentine's pressie

e) finding some rather good teachery stuff by joining the Times Educational Supplement on-line doo-dah (and I have to say that their stuff is marginally better than the Guardian on-line teachery doo-dah stuff, although the Guardian beat them on better access to jobs pages.)

f) being able to get up in daylight rather than get up in the dark

g) finishing 'Starlight' by Stella Gibbons and being glad I discovered that Stella Gibbons wrote many more books other than Cold Comfort Farm

h) getting more than half-way through an Ian Rankin novel. I've never read Ian Rankin before - Andy has many of his books though and I thought I'd give one a go. It's okay - but not a patch on Stella G.

And that, as they say, is that.

Six weeks until the Easter holidays.

Not that I'm counting...

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