Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday Showers and Enormous Pants

I went and had a haircut today. And whilst I had a haircut (note that I didn't say, 'a haircut and colour', which is my usual menu du jour at the hairdresser but more of that later) I left Andy in charge at home because Dave the Plumber was due to visit 'sometime in the morning', he didn't specify when but then plumbers don't, do they?

And the reason that Dave the Plumber was visiting was twofold - 1) the new shower has sprung a teeny tiny occasional dribble of a leaklet and 2) the downstairs bathroom is feeling a bit jaded and jealous of the upstairs bathroom posh-hotel-make-over look and thinks it deserves a bit of a tart-up, too.

Andy texted me as I emerged from my haircut (not colour) with the message, 'I think Jam and Jerusalem may have arrived' which wasn't code for some mad old relative turning up unexpectedly and wanting to be entertained and please could I come home NOW!? but that the postman had delivered Series 3 of that wonderful TV series by Jennifer Saunders. 'Jam and Jerusalem' is like 'The Darling Buds of May' - I watch it when I get the urge to live in a Middle England all-lovely-and-nice community, where quaintly funny things happen every day and everyone knows your name and there is no spitting and swearing and people have dogs called Pip and Badger. I've watched the first two series over the last weekend or so whilst being creative with the cross-stitching and felt in need of the third and last series as I am experiencing wistfulness and desire to escape the midst of Overcrowded Kent.

The postman had also delivered, I was to discover later, the Classic Chillout Piano Music CD which I ordered at the same time because I wanted some plinky-plonky background music to write to. I now await two books for my March reading programme - a Jane Austen biography and another Stella Gibbons novel - and my Amazon bonanza will be complete.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, well, Andy joined me in town just before mid-day for a tea and baguette lunch at our favourite tea shop, Dave the Plumber having been, inspected and gone.

'What's the verdict?' said I.
'Well,' said Andy, 'the shower is leaking because the seal betwixt the drain hole and the shower base has come adrift.'
'Oh,' said I.
'Apparently,' said Andy, 'the shower tray has a bit of 'give' in it. And as we've stood on it, to have a shower...'
' you do,' I said.
' has caused the sealant to crack,' finished Andy.
'Chicken and bacon and egg and cress on wholemeal?' said the waitress.

I thought about this for a moment. The shower revelation, not the baguettes.

'So what Dave the Plumber was saying,' I said, 'in the nicest possible way,' I said, 'is that we are too heavy for our shower tray.'
'Sort of,' said Andy.
'Can I mention at this juncture,' I said, 'that the shower has not deigned to leak when I have been in it.'
'That,' said Andy,' is because you are in and out of it like a shot because you are worried it will leak.'
'That theory is debatable,' I sniffed, because it was bloomin' hard work losing that 2 stone and it's been even harder work keeping it from coming back.

Anyway, Dave the Plumber is returning at some point in the not-too-distant-future (he didn't say when but then plumbers don't, do they?) with some appropriate bolstering which he intends to insert 'neath the tray so it doesn't 'give' when us heffalumps enter therein. He is also going to send a quote for tarting up the downstairs bathroom.

'Did you tell him about the way the pipes scream when the water pressure goes above a dribble?' I said.
'Yes,' said Andy, 'but I don't think he knew what I was talking about. He did tighten the bath tap without me asking though. With a massive wrench.'
'That's nice,' I said.

After I'd had my haircut (pas de couleur) and before Andy arrived for baguettes, I went shopping for pants. Like shoes, I don't own that many pairs. I tend to buy half a dozen pairs and then wear them to death, because, like shoe shopping, I find pant shopping a tiresome thing and providing they keep coming out the washing machine in one piece and remain around my nethers without the aid of tights then they are serviceable.

However, with Spring in the air and thoughts of tights being consigned to the back of the underwear drawer (hurrah!) I was aware my current pant set mightn't survive the gravity test for much longer. (I have suddenly thought here that my American guests at the Manor may be confused because 'pants' means 'trousers' doesn't it, in Americanese? It's crisps and chips and biscuits and cookies and taps and faucets and Bush and Blair all over. What I mean is 'knickers.' I hope that makes things clearer!)

So I went a-knicker shopping and thanks to a discount at BHS I got ten pairs for £10.50. 'That'll do me for a couple of years,' I thought triumphantly, and then I thought, 'Oh. I forgot. I've lost more than 24lbs. Will these knickers be too big? Will they fall down, not through frailty but through lack of enough of me to keep 'em up?'

So when I got home I tried on a pair. And let's say that they do stay up, presumably because of their springy newness, but that they will also keep all my stomach and some of my rib cage warm, too.

Ah well, at least I know I can now go down a knicker-size when next I decide to do a pant shop.

Back to the haircut. I have decided to stop having my hair dyed. I now sport what my work colleagues charmingly call a 'gamine pixie look,' and I think that this type of short hair-do can cope with grey hair. And so does my hairdresser, who is called Stacie. So I'm giving it a go. I thought, 'You have managed to avoid watching television for two months now. You have will-power. You can avoid having your hair dyed.'

And so ends a busy sunny bee-flying Saturday. And now I am going to write, accompanied by some plinky-plonky piano music and the promise of new pants in the morning.


Jaxbee said...

This made me smile :) And that's good going because I don't share your views on pants, nope, not at all... I should make it clear here that I don't consider myself a fickle person and get much more excited about the prospect of a bargain than a brand (that's if I could even recognise a 'brand' in the first place). However, I love matching pants, would wear my very best pair of matching underwear should I be needing a confidence boost (not, I hasten to add, that I'd be intending anyone other than me and OH to witness the matching undies) and would NEVER ever sport a greying pair of knickers - not even for decorating. I know it's irrational, somehow it just feels like going out with a big ladder up your tights. But, I share your plumber experiences and wish you all the best with the new hair colour. Grey is the new black, I'm sure, and it's certainly better as a colour for hair than pants.

Denise said...

Oooh - hello Jackie! I remember you from my days on Authonomy...before it became cut-throat!

Nice to have you visit my blog. How are you??

Sandi said...

Hmmm, being an American that spent 3 years in bucks, Knickers is a very out-dated word that indicates men's/boy's knee length trousers, or 'plus-fours'.
Women's undergarments for the southern regions are 'panties', 'underpants' or 'undies'. We are 2 countries divided by a common language. Like the time I told an estate agent that I liked his suspenders...I mean braces.