Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Grand Trine

So all this week, the astrologer in the Daily Rant has been saying 'Oooh, it's all happening for Scorpios this week, because they are experiencing a Grand Trine in their house.'

And all I can say is that I hope I get good warning of the next time the Universe plans to hold a Grand Trine party in my house, and invites Pluto and Mars, because I shall be skipping the country toute de suite and hiding in a cave in a mountain in the Back of Beyond with a cat for company, some good books to read and a packet of Jaffa cakes for sustenance until it's all over.

On the good side of the Grand Trine thing (what ever that is - I asked Mrs Pumphrey and she assured me it was something to do with the time of year that Neptune polishes his spears; I am not convinced) I had a call from the A level student I tutored at the beginning of the year, with the news that following her re-sit exam in January she raised her grade from a 'C' to an 'A'. This means my 'getting private student grade A's record' remains at 100% and is proof that pretty much all students who are motivated and taught one-to-one will achieve top grades, ergo schools that refuse to permanently exclude yobs and layabouts and cram as many children into a class as possible might need to re-examine their methods for rising up the league tables.

Secondly, I was observed for a Performance Management lesson (aka 'Are you still worth the money we are paying you?') with my mad bottom set Year 10 class, and I was graded as 'OUTSTANDING' by the new Ofsted criteria which basically means I am a brilliant teacher and I'll take a pay rise now, thank you very muchly. (I'm not holding my breath for the pay rise.)

I was surprised, and exhibited as such when I got my feedback.
'What did you think you got, then?' I was asked by the deputy head.
'Satisfactory with hints of chaos,' I replied.

But if that's what Ofsted wants now, if that's what they think raises progress, then that's what I shall supply. And as soon as the mortgage is cleared, I shall be out of teaching because creating deliberate chaos in a class is very exhausting for women of a certain age. Especially ones that like order and control and peace and quiet. Like me.

Well, the upshot is I am highly feted amongst Senior Management at the moment, which I shall make the most of, as the Rule Of School means, having peaked, I am now on the downward swing towards being hailed as rubbish again.

I'm not sure I can bring myself to report on the downside of the Grand Trine house party. The results though have been very little sleep all week, a bout of gastro-enteritis, the sad death of a friend, a to-do with the police and a hospital and a missing person, a full set of mock exam papers that need marking NOW, and this morning (because every cake need a cherry), no water because of a burst water main along the road. Luckily, because of the massive downpour we had last night (are the two events connected??) we have a full water butt and can at least flush the loos.

And hey! The sun is a-shining! There are buds a-budding on the apple tree, the willow and the roses. There's blossom a-blossoming on the damson tree and the magnolia! The bees they are a- flying! There's violets and bluebells and lupins and cowslips and rhubarb (don't ask!) shooting up in the front garden. The lavender is putting on new growth. And there are little tips of hops appearing on bines that promise to be the size of oak trees this year.

I survived the Grand Trine of Scorpio 2012. I didn't enjoy it, but I survived it. But can I just say, if the Universe is listening, that I'd like a spot of peace 'n' quiet for a few weeks now. And maybe some water so I can have a cup of tea. And a boiled egg and toast for lunch.


Olly said...

Gosh Denise ... all I can say is that in this Scorpio household, it's just been a virus that won't leave me and being told I might be made redundant, it doesn't sound quite as exciting as your week but I'm grateful for that. Now I know why I've been feeling so out of sorts though - I really should start reading the Daily Ranter.
Things can only get better! And I can guess why the rhubarb is in the front garden - something to do with chickens, dietary preferences, and ability to evade detection? I hope the Grand Trine has moved well and truly on.

Denise said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not well, Olly. I hope the virus meets its doom very soon and I hope you've got lots of people looking after you and doing much cosseting.

And I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the threat of redundancy vanishes too. It's horrible living beneath of uncertainty, isn't it?

Keep well, my friend!