Saturday, 31 March 2012

I Pad

Today , my blog post is coming to you from my new I-pad! Yes, Andy made me buy one. He will
deny it of course, and say that he has seen the lustful glint in my eye ever since I started playing with his I-pad and knew it would only be a matter of time before I decided to get one as well.

Today was the day. I did responsible things with my hard earned cash to start with, like buying cat food and cat litter and doing a weekly shop at Sainsbugs. And paying another wedge off the mortgage so we are a step closer to moving to a little house with a big garden in the countryside.

And then, because cat accoutrements and food and washing up liquid and motgages are generally boring in the grand scheme of funness, I thought "get the i-pad and join the next step up on the technology ladder!"

So I did, and here I am typing away and making mistakes like somehow managing to change the font colour without knowing it, and knowing even less how to change it back, so it will have to stay, because the last thing one wants to do with one's new toy is throw it at the wall in a fit of pique.

One of the things that I immediately like about this little machine is that the keyboard, if you can call it that, makes little tic-ticketty noises like an old-fashioned type-writer. And the text is automatically checked for spelling so you don't have to correct spelling errors unless it does something like thinking your made up work of 'funness' is, in fact, Furness, as in 'Barrow-in'.

And I like the fact that it is instant in its switch-on-ness unlike my desk top which can take a while to crank itself up. However, I can see a couple of downsides. Like my back is already aching with staring down at the screen, so I shall have to find one of those groovy prop up case doo-dahs (probably in a funky flower design), and I have already incurred a butter smudge where I tried to carry the I-pad, a cup of tea and a buttered hot cross bun all at the same time. So multi-tasking could be a no-no.

Actually, this could be a new slimming aid, because I suspect that the consumption of any food stuff, including cream crackers, is likely to leave smudgy fingerprints everywhere. So no eating when I-padding!

There is also a camera thing where you can picture yourself in various guises like 'wind tunnel' and 'kaleidoscope' and 'hall of mirrors'. There are 9 options and at least seven of them are an improvement on the original, but that is only because I am in a state of raddledness following a stint of Kayleigh baby sitting duty last night which involved lots of playing of wild toddler games, a late night and an early morning because the plumber was coming to sort out the bendy shower tray. And I had to get up to clean the bathroom before he arrived so he didn't think he'd just installed a nice new shiny bathroom in the house of a slattern.

So there we go. My Easter holiday is off to a flying start on the techno-front. The weather is looking a bit rubbish after a week of sunshine, and snow was mentioned on the radio this morning. People have just about stopped panic buying petrol, and I am not bothered about the whole Budget pasty VAT debacle because pretty much all the pasties I know contain bits of dead animal and the last veggie pasty I ate gave me food poisoning.

I have books waiting to be read. I am going into school on Monday and Tuesday morning to do Easter revision sessions for which I am being paid extra and that extra will almost cover the cost of the I-pad. And on Tuesday afternoon, Kayleigh and I are having a girly outing which will no doubt involve more wild toddler games.

And yesterday I was presented with much chocolate at work. And the exciting piece of dietary news this week is this people who eat a lot of chocolate don't put on weight because 'chocolate calories are different.'

I shall be testing this theory. I shall let you know how I progress!

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