Monday, 9 April 2012

Spring Clean

Well now, what do you think? Yesterday morning I commissioned a highly talented artist (aka my hubbie Andy) to create a new Welcome to Much Malarkey Manor picture for the blog, and by lunchtime it was done! It's a work of fiction in that the image is something we are aspiring to at our 'forever house' if we find it, when we find it.

There's Andy digging the enormous vegetable plot, and the cat in the foreground is none other than Pandora Kitten. And the figure in the background amongst the flowers is moi, wrestling a chicken because chickens need wrestling, especially when after nearly a year, they suddenly discover how to get over the fence into the herb garden, facilitating the need to raise the height of the aforesaid fence by 6 feet in order to prevent them from doing it again. (Knew the old fruit cage would come in handy!)

'To be honest,' says Mrs Slocombe, 'I didn't make the conscious decision to get into the herb garden. I was balanced on top of the fence and I fell in, and whilst I was there I thought I'd use the opportunity to have a bit of a dig around.'
'Whilst I,' says Mrs Pumphrey, 'jumped in on purpose because I could see some nice fresh greenery that needed pruning.'

The bees are buzzing under the apple tree (the rest of the orchard is out of sight of the picture, but rest assured it is there.) And the front of the cottage is covered in wisteria because every cottage should be.

Isn't it a fab picture?!

And not only did Andy create this marvellous work of art, he also created marvellous bread, too. Like this focaccia....

...and these rolls....

...and not to be left out, I made a chocolate gateau for Easter day lunch. Haven't made one of these for YEARS, and am not likely to again for a while 'cause I feel a bit sick just thinking about it now. (We had quite a feast yesterday, so today has been designated 'Be Kind to your Digestive System Day.')


Bob said...

That is an exceptionally gorgeous picture. I look forward already to visiting Forever House. But the gateau did indeed look a bit much even for my ox like constitution. Much Love.x

doodles n daydreams said...

We too are having a 'be nice to your constitution day', having finished our chocolate bunnies. I do love chocolate!!
I love the picture your Andy has done of Forever House and garden, lovely, a very talented man.