Saturday, 12 May 2012

Phew Week

It's been one of those weeks when a lot of 'phewing' has been occuring. 'Phew' that the GCSE coursework has been gathered, moderated, checked, double checked, and sent off for another year. And 'phew' that the A level coursework has been dealt with likewise.

'Phew' too, that Andy liked his birthday present. For 'twas his birthday yesterday and I got him a day-as-a-baker advanced baking course experience for a pressie, and although I was initially very excited about it, I had last-minute reservations as I handed him the envelope. Luckily, he is very excited about doing the course, which will be in June, so that's all right then, and 'phew'!

There was a minor 'phew' over the final decision about tiles for the downstairs bathroom, too, because as regular readers will know, there was a bit of a kerfuffle regarding the tiles for the upstairs bathroom a few months ago, and quite frankly I didn't want to go through the whole malarkey again. But tiles have been found quickly and easily by the process of me giving very little thought to them - basically, skimming a few web-sites, typing in the words 'large', 'blue' and 'green', looking at the results and going 'they'll do.'

Another 'phew' has been regarding my mini-chaise. Firstly the fabric I wanted was out of stock. Did I want to wait until it came back into stock, said the supplier. Have you got the same design (floral - what else?) but in maybe purple or pink, said I. Purple we can do, said supplier. Go for it, said I. Well, I'd paid for it, and I wanted it, because when one is in possession of a huge sheepskin rug that one likes to sink one's bare toes into at the end of a busy day, one also requires to have a chaise to flollop on, and when one wants a flollop, one wants it now, not however many weeks down the line it takes to get a fresh stock of fabric.

The chaise is arriving on Tuesday. I shall report on the rate of flollop success thereafter.

I have pretty much also 99.99999999% recurring decided to sign up to do a Masters degree, too. I am trying to get my school to support me, but they are being a bit quiet on the subject even though I had another lesson observation this week with my mad bonkers Year 9s and the observer declared it (and I quote) ' be the most superb example of teaching he had seen in a very long time.' The head teacher was very complimentary when he found out and I nearly said to him, 'Well give me a permanent contract then, you swine!' but I didn't think it would be a prudent move at that point so I dropped a curtsey instead and ran off up the corridor blushing a bit.

Or it could have been a hot flush. Difficult to tell these days.

And this morning I got my best Auntie Pollie (hello, Auntie Pollie!!) a birthday gift, because next Sunday she is going to be 21 degrees celsius of age (I can't say what it is in Farenheit or she'll smack my legs, so you'll have to work that one out for yourselves...okay, she'll be 70....ouch!!) and I was very pleased with what I got, and I hope she likes it, but if she doesn't I have the receipt and exchanges can be made.

And the final 'phew' is that Andy has continued with his baking frenzy this week and NO MORE tea-towels have been set on fire!


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