Saturday, 11 August 2012

We Love Herefordshire!

We are returned from our holiday in Herefordshire!

We ate too much good food, so we went running in the park this morning and I had a near- death experience when Andy said, 'let's go this way,' and 'this way' turned out to be a bit of a hill. Herefordians know how to make good food though, so it was worth it.

Herefordians are also lovely friendly and polite people. Try chatting about your exploding glass oven door experience with someone in Maidstone and they'll give you a withering look. Herefordians enter into the whole spirit of shock and horror with you are you relive every terrifying moment.

How many traffic jams did we encounter in Herefordshire? Hmmm...let me think...NONE! Not a single one. We always found a parking space, we travelled around Hereford city, Ledbury and all the other pretty villages and never did traffic nor crowds impede our progress. Only experience of road rage in the last week? Arriving back in Kent.

There were cows and there were sheep, and chickens and ducks and geese. And trees and hills and castles and quiet country lanes. And the market in Ludlow was a proper market, not a cheap tat market, and I know Ludlow is in Shopshire, but the people there were lovely, too!

We saw cheese being made, the Mappa Mundi, Hereford cathedral. We played in mazes and waterfalls. I even enjoyed a shopping trip to Morrisons which is somewhere I usually avoid supermarket wise as our local one is a mass of heaving, shoving bodies. Not in Hereford, though!

Oh, it is the place to be, this unspoilt county. Why aren't we living there? We should be living there.

We are going to start working on it...

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