Sunday, 3 March 2013


'There is definitely something springy in the air,' says I.
'Is it bed springs in a lovely new cat bed for me?' says Phoebe.
'No,' says I.
'Is it a springloaded can of tuna for easy opening?' says Tybalt.
'No,' says I.
'Is it a Zebedee spring, one for each of my feet, so I can jump even higher shouting, 'Look at me! Look at me?' says Pandora.
'No,' says I.
'Is it worms-on-springs that leap from the ground to save me from digging?' says Primrose.
'No,' says I.
'Is it a trampoline?' says Daisy.
'No,' says I.
'What is it, then?' say the gang at Much Malarkey Manor.

'It's SPRING!' says I!


doodles n daydreams said...

Yes, winter eventually ends, isn't spring a great time of year.
Thanks for the birthday greetings Denise. Had a great day with the family, barbecuing on a decidedly autumnal day. But it was fun. The sun finally came out in time to set.


rusty duck said...

It's still bloody cold down here!!!!

Denise said...

Diana, glad you had a great day!

Jessica - it is still chilly here, too...BUT the sun has been out ALL day, and there are tree buds and cowslip buds AND it smells like Spring, so it must be true!

Vera said...

Spring arrived this morning. How do I know? Because the dawn chorus was at full volume, the sun was up and shining earlier than it has been, and the air was laden with the scent of things waking up!

Denise said...

The birds are being very shouty here, too. I always think that shouty birds are a good indicator of Spring.

And Tybalt has been going a bit crazy. I think his sap is rising (even though he was denuded of his 'equipment' many, many years ago).