Thursday, 28 February 2013

Slow News Week

It has been what I believe is called a 'slow news week,' as will be demonstrated by the video below of 'What Andy and I Did For Entertainment' this evening, but that is a delight to come.

So, this week the weather has been very cold. Bitter. Makes the eyes sting and the ears whistle and the noses freeze and the toeses curl up. Where are you, Sunshine???

I have been tutoring, and today found out that the colour of a chicken's egg is closely correlated to the colour of its ears. So on returning from work, I nipped outside to check and indeed, Daisy of the cream coloured eggs has cream coloured ears. Primrose was wearing earmuffs, however, so I couldn't assess the colour of her ears.

'They are blue,' says Primrose. 'Which is why I am wearing earmuffs, you idiot.'

We have been testing out veggie recipes and indulging in chit chat about cafe plans. I have been getting slightly obsessed with pinning down a really good name. I have been covering sheets of paper with variations of veg related words arranged in witty and alliterative slogans and puns. Then Andy said, 'Why don't we just call it Much Malarkey?'
And of course, he is right!

I have been selected as a donor for World Book Night 2013. This will be my third consecutive year and my book to give away in March is Rose Tremain's 'The Road Home.' I'll have 20 free copies to distribute. It is always a good thing to do.

I have applied for and received three free tickets to be in the audience for a TV recording of Jo Brand's new quiz show. This will take place next Tuesday at the local TV studios and will hopefully be an entertaining freebie evening out.

Andy and I also have tickets for next Thursday to go and see some musical thing which is basically all of Gilbert and Sullivan's operettas squished into the space of an hour and a half. Several years ago I went to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company perform all of Shakespeare's plays in an hour and a half and it was hilarious! I am hoping this production will be equally so.

The clematis by the front door is sprouting greenery.

And finally, this is what Andy and I did this evening. Oh, how the time flies by!


Vera said...

Oh this was funny, and it was quite a nice ending, I thought, holding the focus on Andy's underwear for a second or two! Keep 'em coming!

Denise said...

Now, Vera...both you and I know that pretending to be on a bob sleigh in one's living room is likely to be the first sign of eccentricity.
Glad it made you laugh, though! X