Friday, 8 February 2013

Buses, Cabbage and Chickens

Today's blog is brought to you via the medium of grumpy granny post-bus journey anti-stress hen cabbage therapy.


Vera said...

Since trying to video interesting moments with our animals here, I am now in awe of wildlife camera filming folk. I always find that when the camera is either switched off, somewhere else, or momentarily lost, then that is the moment that something happens. You'll have to try your chickens with some other tasty morsel and dress as a tree or something so they don't notice you!

Denise said...

I have thought of hiding in their pod and leaping out of them, but I fear I am too big. Also, I might put them off their lay, and I am enjoying the daily fresh eggs!

rusty duck said...

Never work with children or animals, isn't that what they say?

Beautiful chickens though... Jx

Denise said...

Unfortunately, Jessica, being a teacher, I do both. And sometimes I have trouble telling the difference!

They are lovely hens, aren't they? Very sociable, too.

I see the shelves at Rusty Duck are coming on apace. Looking forward to seeing the end products!