Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Artistic Trauma

Well, I've had a traumatic afternoon. After suffering genuine appallment (new word -it means 'Flippin' heck - how much???) at the cost of decent Valentine cards, I decided I would craft my own for Andy. What could be nicer, I thought, than a hand-made with love token of adoration for my lovely hubbie? Not the act of a cheapskate at all.

So, having spent the morning tutoring (and dealing with a very tetchy young man who is attempting to give up smoking cold turkey - no, no, he isn't actually smoking cold turkey; that would be weirdness beyond belief. You know jolly well what I mean, so behave, will you?) I came home, had a quick lunch of soup and toast and wafted in an artistic manner to my little room to create a card before Andy got home.

My thought that this activity would be a doddle was clearly VERY misguided, because an hour later, all I had managed to gather was a piece of card, an envelope, an assorted selection of red and pink papers (smooth and textured), some ribbon, some of those glue spot thingies, and a massive dollop of indecision. I was cutting out things, arranging them, rearranging them, huffing and puffing and umming and aahhing, and Pandora wasn't helping because she kept stomping over my creative mess, I mean, space, and bits of stuff were flying all over the shop. And all in all, this card-making malarkey for my beloved wasn't being the calming, meditative experience I had imagined on my drive home from work.

I was at the point of giving up, of capitulating to the pressures of commercialism aka 'go and buy one - it'll be a lot easier' - when I happened to glance out of the window and...INSPIRATION!

Of course, I can't reveal the extent of the inspiration, because Andy might read this and I don't want to spoil what little moment of awe this card might elicit, but suffice it to say that once I had the idea, the card came together really quickly and wasn't the disaster I saw looming over the horizon a mere half hour before.

On another matter, and after many technical glitches, the first section of Experiments in Bread Making has been uploaded to YouTube if you fancy a bit of a diversion. If you type 'Experiments in Bread Making' into the YouTube search engine it will be the first clip to come up, and there we shall be in all our Johnny and Fanny glory....oooer, Missus!

(Andy will add a link via a comment to this blog entry. I would do it myself, but I am technically inept and will make a complete piggies ear out of the operation.)

Click here for the video!


rusty duck said...

Coincidentally, I made Mike's card today..

I confess to cheating re bread. All the ingredients chucked in the machine. 10 mins, shut the lid, press a button. Come back in 3 hours to nice warm loaf..

Denise said...

And even more coincidentally, Andy said he has made a card for me! No wonder the High Street is going under, with all this make it yourself malarkey!

We have got a bread maker, and it has served us well for five years, but since Andy has got into the hand-made stuff, the poor bread maker has been consigned to the cupboard.

Either way, much better than supermarket stuff!