Friday, 26 April 2013

You Decide...

Okay, here are two crackers of speech that I heard today, one on the radio and one on the telly, and I can't decide which is the I am leaving it to you to decide.

Offering Number 1: 'She's not impressed when I get it out because she can't walk to the kitchen.'

Offering Number 2 : 'There are so many different cakes to point the finger at.'

(If you need some back ground information to help you make your decision, Number 1 was a man being interviewed about a huge tapestry he had sewn of the Battle of Hastings and he was describing how much space it took up when it was fully unrolled, and his wife's response to the ensuing length, and Number 2 was a football manager being asked about his tactics for a forth-coming game, and clearly doesn't understand that you don't point a finger at cake, you eat it!)

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