Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Massive Motivation

It's amazing what one can do when one is feeling motivated. Yesterday, for example, I was on motivation fire! Part of it may have been because of my newest cleaning toy - a steamer cleaner - which is very addictive and, I have discovered, brings the notion upon oneself that if it ain't moving -steam clean it! It is a marvellous piece of kit!

And then I filled out my income tax self-assessment form, posted it and paid my NI contributions bill all in the space of an hour! No hanging about there, but I do wonder if I can bill the Inland Revenue for that hour of my time, being as that I am now an official self-employed person? 

And today, by ten o'clock of the morning, Andy and I had done an impromptu de-clutter of the loft and taken two car loads - yes, TWO CAR LOADS - of 'stuff' to the tip! And that didn't include the large box awaiting delivery to the charity shop, PLUS the seven bin bags of stuff the charity shop collected yesterday of what I gathered from upstairs and downstairs in the hour between steam cleaning and tax form a-filling. The loft, I can now report, sounds positively echoey!

And then there are the biker boots, electric guitar, amplifier and screwdriver set that belong to Christopher that are awaiting collection by him, or rejection by him, in which case there will be another trip to the tip. Not quite another car load, but I am sure if I put my mind to it I can harvest some more detritus from loft, given how ruthless I was this morning.

And what has brought about this sudden bout of motivated activity? I have no idea, other than perhaps the Spring Cleaning clock going off a bit late.


rusty duck said...

Bravo Denise!
I could do with one of those steam cleaners...

Denise said...

Sad though it sounds, Jessica, I do love my steam cleaner! It is almost as good as my little hand held vacuum. Stairs, skirting boards, car, crevices and cats, it does them all with a flourish.

Vera said...

Gosh, you got your skates on! Am still trying to control the dust after the winter renovations, let alone do a spring clean!

Denise said...

It was a bit of a subliminal Spring clean, Vera. Nothing planned, which was unusual given what a big fan of list making I am! Just followed a sudden urge!