Sunday, 26 May 2013

We Have Babies!

Fabulous weekend, weatherwise, and about time too, given the whole grimness of the season so far. And so yesterday we hied ourselves to the Kent Garden Show and returned with twenty five sweet pea plants, because I was too tardy to get the seeds planted this year, and four clematis (Clematii? Clematium??) for the back garden to act as a spot of camouflage on the back wall of the house. One was earmarked to replace one of the two at the front of the house that I thought had died but, on closer inspection today I can see has resprouted, so not dead after all.

And today, a sunny morning allotmenteering and hark! What was that noise a-coming from the nest box on the strange little greenhouse arrangement that is soon to be home to the gazzillion aubergines plants Andy has managed to cultivate? Why, 'twas the 'peep, peep, peeping' of baby blue tits! Of course, it was much more entertaining to sit on the path in the sunshine and watch Mummy and Daddy Blue Tit popping in and out of the box with various grubs, than continuing to wage war against mare's tail and bindweed (although don't tell anyone BUT we are winning the war aha!). 

And because it would have been foolish to waste this wonderful weather, nay criminal even, we finished the day with an impromptu family picnic in the park. We played chase ( Kayleigh outran us all - oh, the energy of youth) and rolling down the hill. We made daisy chains and blew on dandelion clocks. We were almost adopted by a crazy springer spaniel who was cheerfully defiant of her owner's maniacal whistle to return to her side. Kayleigh covered herself with grass cuttings, no idea why but obviously a good idea at the time. We were stalked by a hopeful crow. We found the longest worm in the history of worminess.

And now that best type of tiredness has descended. What I call 'fresh air' tiredness. The kind of heavy- eyed contented weariness that follows a productive day outside. 

The weather looks good for tomorrow, too. Planning to plant some sunflowers, courgettes, rocket and more beans. Another picnic looks likely, along with a visit to a National Trust house, probably Chartwell because the last time we visited was just before we got married 9 years ago and I sat on an ant's nest which was HILARIOUS!!


rusty duck said...

Great stuff..
I have launched an assault on the fruit cage. The weeds are really quite formidable. No mare's tail yet, although plenty of bindweed. But hey, what else is new?
Have a great day tomorrow.. don't squash any ants.

Denise said...

I think I came off worse with ant bites!

Bravo for the fight against bindweed! And isn't it so satisfying when you can tease out a whole length of root in one hit!?

Vera said...

Gosh, sounds like you had a great weekend, full of good things to do with much shared laughter. Good for you!

Denise said...

It was very soul lifting weekend, Vera - I am finding that at the moment I have to keep busy. Go,go, go no slow, slow, slow!