Tuesday, 25 June 2013

And again!

It happened again. Today I left work an hour after I usually do because I had some data to fiddle with ( and you know how much I love fiddling with data...haha!) and I went my usual route only to be stopped at the bottom of the hill by a Welsh couple.

'Scuse me,' they said, all Welsh-like. 'But are we going the right way to the town centre?'

As it was, they weren't.  A local pillock, clearly a very special person, had turned the sign for the town centre around so it was facing the opposite direction. The Welsh couple were heading away from the town centre and at a fairly brisk pace, too.

And so I ended up doing another detour in order to deposit them at the end of the High Street. They were only down for the day. Going to a funeral tomorrow. Booked into the Travel Lodge which has about 50+ rooms and only 20 parking spaces and even I, with my limited mathematical skill, knows that is never going to work. They didn't want to move their car and drive into the town centre in case they couldn't get a parking space when they returned to the hotel. (Well done, Borough Council - visitors to the town are very impressed with your insightful planning...that was sarcasm, by the way.)

So I pointed out a couple of nice eating places to them, and they made happy noises about the river and the weather, and we went our separate ways.

And if it happens again tomorrow, that I end up being hunted down by more lost sheep who are having trouble making sense of this incredibly badly signposted town in which I live, with its ridiculous one-way system and multiply personality disorder, I am seriously considering changing my job to 'Tour Guide' because I am beginning to think the Universe is trying to tell me something weird. Only if I am going to be a Tour Guide, please can it be somewhere nice, like Norwich maybe, or Stratford -upon -Avon? Or Canterbury, or Bath, or Woodbridge?

Or Hereford. Hereford would be nice.


Countryside Tales said...

You'll need a stout pair of shoes for tour guiding, so I think the universe is trying to tell you to stop at the shoe shop with the sale....

rusty duck said...

When people ask me for directions I never know the answer.. I think I would be the only Tour Guide who managed to get everybody lost.

Olly said...

You obviously look like a woman who knows where she is going! I try and do a Good Deed every day (often just to make up for the various bad ones I've done!) - your kindness will be rewarded, I'm sure.

Denise said...

CT - shoe shopping is a-calling!

Jessica, this is what I can't understand. I have no sense of direction. Sometimes if I give people directions and I am not 100% sure, I have to hide in case they hunt me down and beat me up for sending them the wrong way!

Olly, hope you are well! Yes, I do have a purposeful march but it's only in an effort to get home as soon as possible and avoid town. I like the idea of A Good Deed Every Day, which I try to do also but sometimes I can't summon the energy or enthusiasm! But we keep on trying, don't we?!