Friday, 6 September 2013

Flora Bijou Mybug

Flora Bijou Mybug...

...does not understand the correct use of an i-pad not very sensitive to warning signals from other MMM cats that she is getting on their nerves with her frolicking and cavorting and had better decease and desist NOW or ELSE!
...does not realise the tail she is chasing is attached to her kitten self
...sees herself as being as big as the world, if not the universe
...has no fear very keen on cleaning everything - carpets, cushions, floors, faces with her raspy kitten tongue
...finds the washing machine way more fascinating than is sane
...likes watching Masterchef
...dances with wolves...okay, bigger cats and people. (See point 5) going to end up under a saucepan very soon if she keeps playing with the pan rack
...does not understand that the kitten in the stainless steel kitchen bin is her own reflection
...gallops like a small horse. And makes the same sound, too. Subtle approaches are not part of her kitten remit very good at rolling on feet (ours) first thing in the morning
...concentrates very, very hard when having a wee
...has today discovered tuna and rain. One she likes and one she doesn't 
...has an A level in Cuteness MMM wrestling champion 2013
...answers to the call of 'Flossie, Flossie, FLOSSIE!' appalling at filing paperwork
...believes in free speech
...can now climb the stairs much to the chagrin of Tybalt who believed upstairs to be the last male bastion and kitten-free zone in training to be a guard dog, defending MMM intruders with her best ninja kitten trip ups
...whispers in your ear
...has bat ears and a freckly nose freaked out by opera firmly a part of Much Malarkey Manor!

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Countryside Tales said...

Sounds like she's doing well then...

Any recent piccies Mrs? x