Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Little Things

Through sheer dogged (or should that be catted?) determination on behalf of Flora Bijou Mybug, and sheer exasperated weariness on behalf of Phoebe, Grand Duchess of Duchessness, I can now declare a feline entente cordiale betwixt the two who are now Firm Best Friends (and I shall gloss over the incident at lunchtime where I found Phoebe sitting on top of Flora which, given their size differences, could have gone horribly wrong, but was, in fact, a Happy Arrangement between the two parties 1) because Flora was snugly warm and experiencing Mummy Cat comfort and 2) Phoebe had an extra and very comfy cushion on which to rest her not insubstantial tush.

And I can also announce that Flora says watching the washing go round in the machine is the Best TV EVER! The characters as colourful, the plot is twisty and there are enough breaks in the cycle to pop off for wees and poos and a bit of a bite to eat. And a scamper and a stalk and a pounce and a savage of a passing bare foot.

And I can confirm that although Flora has been secretly harbouring some teeny tiny skin mites, which have caused her to lose a smidgeon of her lovely fluffy kitten fur, the in-house veterinary surgeon has been on the case with appropriate bug treatment and return to full furage is expected forthwith. The in-house maid has been on the case with the vacuum cleaner and hot washes on the cat bedding, sofa blankets and cushion covers. She has also been itching, but suspects it is a psychosomatic thing. Like mentioning head lice.

Also, at the grand old age of 6 weeks old, I am pleased to say that Flora has more than doubled her weight since arriving at Much Malarkey Manor, and does proper, albeit very smelly, cat poos. And the night feeds are finished and litter training has been accomplished and hanging off the bed sheets whilst Mum is doing the ironing is the new extreme sport for kittens.

Other little things...
...sorted out a subscription to yummy craft magazine - 'Craftseller.' 
...noticed a new shop in town. Three businesses sharing one site in the shopping centre (clearly the Council is overdoing it on the rental) - a babywear company, an industrial wear company and, slap bang in the middle, a hairdressers! So if you are a pregnant construction worker in need of a root touch up, this is the shop to be!
...harvesting lavender like crazy. Enter MMM and be prepared to zone out within 10 minutes, it is that soporific! The bumbles are few and far between, now, so I feel I can get the lavender cut back.
...Post Crossing proving very entertaining. I've had 17 cards so far from places like Australia, America, Croatia, Russia, Holland and South Africa. It is really lovely to arrive home and find a postcard on the doormat from a complete stranger. This morning brought cards from Germany and Belarus. Yesterday I sent cards to America, Holland and Croatia. Lovely randomness!
...back to work tomorrow. Out with the walking boots!
...bought 6 novels for £9! Oh yes, I am all booked up for the nights that are a-drawing in! 
...going to try growing lavender from seed, as lavender harvest has surrendered what I think are lavender seeds and not, as the case might be, bug poo. We'll find out the truth if nothing grows. This experiment will facilitate a trip to gorgeous garden centre to purchase some vermiculite, and whilst we are there, why not have a nibble of cake and a pot of tea in the gorgeous tea-shop? 
...car insurance secured for £150 PLUS a free meerkat! Get in there!
...tarot reading booked up. With me, not for me. Another few quid closer to the house in the countryside...

And finally...

...Grandchild Number Two is on his or her way.


Olly said...

Wow , you've been busy (well, not the grandchild bit obviously, but all the other bits). Congratulations. Ah, it's the smell of lavender that's making me doze off every time I visit the Manor. I wondered what


wazzzzz .......

Denise said...

Hi Olly! I hope you are extremely well and tickety boo! The lavender is extremely good for keeping things quiet here....snntttt......fffnnnnnzzzzzz....fffnffft.....snoooork!

rusty duck said...

Congrats on grand child, if not on going back to work. Will you be giving the meerkat to Flora? Assuming that it is a stuffed one that is. Don't know quite where you'd keep it otherwise.

LynneFtWorth said...

Congratulations on the new grand baby.

Countryside Tales said...

Busy indeed Mrs. Very glad all continues well with the tiny furball and the bigger furballs. I am contrary when it comes to Lavender- it actually gives me a headache rather than alleviating one. I like in the garden tho :-)

Denise said...

The meerkat is indeed stuffed. It will stand pride of place in our growing collection - not that we are influenced by marketing strategies at all!

Thank you, Deanna!

CT, maybe your anti- lavender thing is because you are a Moth Mummy and lavender is a moth repellant. Maybe you are metamorphosing into a moth?? Or maybe I have been listening to too much Kafka on Radio 4 with my lavender fuzzed brain!