Monday, 28 October 2013

A Special Post Card

 It has been a funny day, one way or another. A very spiritual day. The storm, when it came to my part of the world, wasn't as horrendous as the forecasters suggested, although I realise Kent may have got off lightly compared to other parts of Britain. But then I remember the Great Storm of '87 and the destruction that one caused, and there lies my benchmark.

I sent off more postcards this morning - Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Netherlands. And I received two postcards, too. One from a French lady living in Germany, and another from the Netherlands, and it is this one that I want to share with you, because it did cause me to come over all teary-eyed.

'Hello,' said the writer of the card. 'My name is Jolanda, I'm 34 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I sent you a very special card. It's very old. My mother-in-law has kept this card for many years and it always brought a smile on her face. Now she's very ill and she's 'cleaning up' her house. She asked me to sent this card to someone special. I've had it for a while now and when I read your profile I thought it had to go to you. I hope it will bring a smile to your face too.'

Well, as you can imagine, I was completely overcome by this random act of kindness from a complete stranger. I sent Jolanda a message back via the Post Crossing website, thanking her and asking that she pass on my thanks and best wishes to her mother-in-law. And that yes, this card will make me smile, too. Instantly, because of the thoughts of its sender, it has become one of my treasures.

Moments like this bring back to me how lovely most people are. You read the papers and watch the news and mostly it is all about war and murder, and cruelty and injustice. But actually, don't you think that is the fault of just a few humans? It is so important to remember that MOST people are kind and warm and just, well, good.

I felt humbled. And a bit weepy. And after a few weeks of feeling unsettled, this card brought me peace. Tonight, when I practise a healing meditation (and no doubt get my legs in a pins and needles vague approximation of a Lotus position tangle - I have discovered that there are such things as meditation cushions and stools which I might buy one of if only to save me from a deep vein thrombosis) I shall use this beautiful card as my focus. 

It can be only a good thing.

I hope your evening is calm and peaceful, too. And if you fancy joining in a healing meditation with me, wherever you are, I shall be linking in at 7.45 G.M.T.


rusty duck said...

I'm relieved you got through the storm unscathed, it must have been closer to you than me.
What a magnificent card and the thought behind it. For all the wonderful contacts we make across the virtual world, that is something tangible which you can treasure forever.

Countryside Tales said...

A lovely thing to receive, and you are so right- the news is reflective not of all but of a noisy few.
A regular 7.30 ish sit down and be calm time is a very good idea, you have inspired me to put it on my blog too so others with like minds can join in and know there is a circle of warm people wishing each other and the world well at that moment- all that focused good energy must surely help combat the doom and gloomers and soothe those who need soothing. :-)

doodles n daydreams said...

I wondered how you fared in the storm, it looked pretty bad on the telly. I thought of your poor chooks out in the henhouse and hoped they didn't get blown away.
What a lovely thought from your post crossing friend, and a very nice focus for your quiet time too.


Denise said...

We are fine, Jessica! Bit of an anti-climax really, especially as we battened down all the bins and anything else that could have gone flying! And yes, it is lovely having a tangible item to cement a contact.

CT - it has been on my mind for a while now to start a healing circle. I used to sit in one years ago and it was always a wonderful experience. I know several organisations have regular 'sitting times.' I think it is important, and thank you for your support in this. You understand! :-)

Hello Diana! Worry not - Primrose and Daisy were snug as bugs in rugs. Their hen house is more like a pod - it is an Eglu, and is very aerodynamic! Plus they are in a sheltered part of the garden. I did find a branch on top of the Eglu, dropped from next-door's willow tree which took a hideous bashing, but the girls were non-plussed and had pasta and mealworms for breakfast!

Lou Mary said...

What a lovely tale of kindness. I am glad you are feeling more at peace :)