Saturday, 24 May 2014

For English Teachers Everywhere

Found this during an Interwebbly perambulation. Cheered me up no end. Being an English teacher and all...

Great English Teachers Are...

...passionate about many things
...people to be reckoned with
...people with opinions
...people you can't ignore
...reading mad - they couldn't live if they didn't read! too hard
...don't pretend to know all the answers individualism
...balance spontaneity with structure
...have high expectations and ideals the process of teaching for its creative opportunities
...are undervalued
...have a powerful emotional impact
...get nervous on exam results day
...more important than they realise.


Vera said...

I think that much of what is on the list can apply to any person who teaches, whether it be the through the education system, or any form of teaching environment no matter what the age of person is who is receiving the teaching, and no matter what the teacher is trying to teach!

Vera said...

PS. Are Primrose and Daisy having the day off? If so, are they still in bed, or are they up and about busy doing things? And do they let you have the day off so you can have a lie in?

Primrose and Daisy said...

Morning, Vera! Primrose and Daisy NEVER have a lie in and because they make a racket to be let out of their pod as soon as the sun is up, we never have a lie either! I am not sure how they will fare for the next few days as Heather is on chicken duty and she won't be pushed around by a pair of hens as much as me and Andy (mugs that we are) are!

The new look MMM is almost ready for launching - and as soon as it is, I shall be back in full creative charge.

(That is what SHE thinks, say Primrose and Daisy.)