Monday, 19 May 2014

Grannie Blows Her Trumpet

Good evening,all!

I am briefly hijacking the blog from Primrose and Daisy (and I had to wait until this evening, Mondays being their 'Samova and Samosa' night out) to tell you quickly about what I did this afternoon.

This afternoon I attended a Celebration Tea at Kayleigh's school, to see her being awarded with a certificate, citation and book prize in recognition of her 100% effort in everything she does, her excellent academic achievement and her being an all-round fab little girl who is kind, and cheerful and caring and well behaved! 

Fair brought a tear to my eye it did! What a brilliant recognition of her first year in formal education! 

Well done, Kayleigh! Grandpa and I are very proud of you! And well done, Chris and Leane, for doing such a good parenting job that allowed Kayleigh to make this grand achievement. 

I am blowing my trumpet and I don't care who hears!

Right, back to the renovations of Much Malarkey Manor.

Daisy and Primrose will be back forthwith...I just hope they haven't over-indulged the samosas. Curried chick pea wrapped in fried filo, plus a chicken's digestive system is never a good combination. 


doodles n daydreams said...

Well done Kayleigh. Isn't it lovely seeing your grandchildren doing well at whatever they attempt.


Primrose and Daisy said...

It is, indeed, Diana, it is indeed. And all of the ten or so children who received awards were so modest, too. A little embarrassed at being centre of attention but a little bit thrilled, too! Just right!

Joanne Wilson said...

Ahh that's lovely, I remember welling up at reward ceremonies too! Congratulations to Kayleigh!

Primrose and Daisy said...

Thank you, Joanne. I have been reading your blog - love it!

LynneFtWorth said...

Congratulations to Kayleigh! So glad that gran and grandpa could be there to celebrate!

Vera said...

Ah, the granny tears, I know them well. Memories to be treasured!

Primrose and Daisy said...

Deanna, Vera, thank you both! It was a real heart-twanging moment! Xx

Olly said...

Can't believe she's old enough to be at school - have I really been reading your blog for that long! Congratulations, such moments should definitely be cherished and celebrated.

Primrose and Daisy said...

It's quite scary, isn't it, Olly? Kayleigh has almost completed her first year at preschool, and she starts Reception in September. She looks so grown up now.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Much Malarkey Manor! You are a very valued guest! X