Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cloud? Silver lining?

Today I was almost run over by a funeral cortège. Really nearly run over. No comedy element at all. 

Today I was verbally abused by a gang of yobs in a car as I waited to cross a road.

Today I got stuck walking behind a smoker whom I couldn't overtake because the path was too narrow. 

Today my lungs seemed unable to breathe properly.

Today there seemed to be lots of people spitting in public, which makes me heave.

Today everything and everywhere seemed messy and loud. 

Today four people have taken advantage of my obliging nature, so much so that I feel like I ought not to be so obliging in the future.

Today has been a black cloud day. Looking for that silver lining... the shape of a delicious coffee cake made by Andy, sitting on the table when I got home... the shape of sharing fireside space with the cats... the shape of letting Primrose and Daisy have a whole garden ramble for a couple of hours, and enjoying watching them de-bug the herb garden... the shape of teasing myself with the idea of starting a degree course in Textiles.

Sometimes it is hard work looking for the silver lining in a bloody awful black cloud of a day. But you have to try, don't you, because success will salvage the grim hours. 

Just about.


Countryside Tales said...

Oh no, poor you. Those days are a right old pain in arse. There's a saying I love : it's better to light a candle than curse the dark, so I'm lighting a metaphorical one for you RIGHT NOW. It will shine all night and into tomorrow, which will hopefully be a better sort of a day, and if it isn't, by the end of it the weekend will have arrived anyway so it won't matter. Don't despair my lovely- you have lots of friends who wish you lots of good days xxx

Denise said...

Thank you, lovely friend! Knew I could rely on you to say the right thing. I have been knitting all evening, so feeling calmer now. Today has passed. And there are many more good days than

rusty duck said...

There is something wonderful about watching chickens pecking about, or ducks and geese for me in a former life. It puts things into perspective somehow.
Better day tomorrow x

Janice said...

All those horrible things happening to you today, thank goodness the day all ended in a much better way. Yummy cake, happy chickens and cat and contemplating a degree in textiles! Hope tomorrow is a much better day.

Denise said...

Jess, Janice - thank you both. Today was better except the shower-room upstairs is leaking into the hallway downstairs. But hey ho - it has to be sorted, so sorted it will be! Xx