Saturday, 4 January 2014

What Else Can One Do?

Raining here again in Kent. Rain, rain, rain. On days like this I am glad I don't have to be an outdoors person, other than having to nip outside to tend to Primrose and Daisy, and maybe bring in some logs.

 Andy and I popped into town first thing, before the heavy rain set in, so Andy could have an interview haircut (at the Albanian barber shop, you know, the place that will try and set fire to his ears with a blow torch), and purchase a pair of interview trousers and an interview belt as his current belt doesn't work sufficiently well enough to ensure a comedy 'trousers falling down' moment will not happen mid-interview, and all his current trousers have encountered jolly adventures with the allotment, the back garden, paint and sharp corners despite my best efforts to buy him new pairs and deliver them with the words, 'These are to be your BEST trousers. You are NOT to wear them at the allotment, in the garden, whilst doing ANY sort of DIY whatsoever, or any other activities that involve flailing about.'

And we got a spot of grocery shopping (not much because we still have remarkably well-stocked cupboards left over from Christmas) and toiletry shopping (why do shampoo, toothpaste, shaving foam etc all run out at the same time?) before heading homewards and tucking in before the next bout of rain storm hit.

This afternoon I have been sitting and knitting and watching old films on the telly. It has been fab! I have decided that actually I would be quite happy to sit at home and knit for the foreseeable future. I like knitting. It is a good 'bad Winter weather occupation.' Especially when done by a proper fire. I also received a couple of Post Crossing cards - one from Taiwan and one from Russia. I am a little concerned about the Russian one. The writing on the back was rather random in its expression - there was a tone of desperation about it in the manner that if I was paranoid I might well think I have acquired a Russian stalker who will very soon start referring to me as his 'very good English friend' and asking when he can come over for a holiday in England. So I shall push all paranoid thoughts from my ears and assume his English just isn't very good and that really he loves his home country and has no intention of escaping, I mean, leaving it. 

And that is about it for today. A nice quiet day. Calm and peaceful. Companionable and creative. I feel blessed I live in a warm, dry house and that we want for nothing. Really, it's all good stuff. Xxx


Janice said...

No rain here but MORE snow!! We have so much snow here there is just nowhere else to shovel it to. The piles of snow at the sides of the driveway are almost 4feet tall and we are only just into January, oh boy!!! Spending all day today taking the Christmas tree and decorations down. Love them when they are up but hate the job of putting them up and taking them down. I think the real problem is I have way too much stuff!!!

Denise said...

Good morning, Janice! Well, I do not envy you the snow. If we get 4cm here everyone if thrown into a frenzy. We are rubbish at snow. I reckon if 4 feet of the stuff arrived we'd think Armageddon was here! And I am with you on the decorations. You spend ages putting them up, and ages taking them down. What we need is some kind of cunning 'Instant Decorate' machine!