Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Interview Tension

The anticipation for the Big Interview increases. The Interview Outfit has been purchased, tried on and assessed with an appraising eye. The jacket (tweed) has a little faux silk kerchief in the breast pocket. Andy wasn't sure about it; I said it afforded an air of sartorial elegance and there was no way I was going to set about removing it with a pair of scissors.

'Should I wear my Doctor Who tie?' said Andy, whose repertoire of ties isn't huge because he isn't what you might call a 'tie man.' 

'I don't see why not,' said I. 'I think it would show a sense of individuality.'

However, the Doctor Who tie has been over-ruled by Himself in favour of a navy blue jobbie with a tiny silver stripe in it. I said that the jacket with mini kerchief suggested a cravat might be in order. Andy said he wasn't Terry-Thomas. 

Much reading and studying has been going on. Not by me. By Andy. My contribution to this process has been the gentle clacking of knitting needles, being quiet so as not to disturb Important Interview Learning with mindless prattle, and offering to accompany Andy to Shropshire, and NOT because he is staying in a nice hotel and there might be a side-order of biscuits with the tea and coffee making facilities. And I have to say that I think Andy should get the job purely on the merit of all the preparation he has done. 

The interview itself will be an all day marathon (and NOT the chocolate, peanutty, caramelly kind either) with various exams, group discussions, problem solving exercises and role plays. And then the actual interview itself. Cor blimey, what one has to do to get a job these days. 

I am planning a celebration at the weekend (but 'Sssshhhh,' don't tell Andy!) because it doesn't matter what happens after the interview, I am HUGELY proud of my Hubby for managing this very complicated and very stressful process. 

For he has been, and always will be, FAB!!!


Vera said...

I bet Andy looks super duper in his interview rig! Wishing him calmness and confidence on the day. Wishing the same for you. Vx

rusty duck said...

Go for it Andy.
Applying for any job, and sometimes just wanting to carry on doing your own, means putting yourself through the wringer these days. It was one of the reasons I got out of the rat race.
With best wishes to you both. Jx

doodles n daydreams said...

Good luck with the job interview Andy. Hoping all goes well.


Janice said...

Lots of luck for the interview and enjoy the stay in the hotel!

Countryside Tales said...

Now, I think we should see a photo of Mr Malarkey in his interview clobber, then we can correctly visualise him and send the right sort of 'go Andy' vibes for the big day.
If he gets and takes the job, will this mean a move to Shropshire? Which is a fantastic county and one that I love... x