Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday Evening Round Up

Little things from this week...

...Kayleigh has started ballet lessons which I am thrilled about because it will make a change from her showing me her 'break-dancing-and-banging-her-head-on-the-kitchen-floor-at-the-same-time' dance routine.
...I made Leane start learning how to knit today. This caused her more stress than it caused me, and she had better be practising or all my efforts will be in vain. Besides, she is baby expecting and all expectant mummies should be gainfully employed with knitting. It is the law.
..Phoebe is progressing in her training to sit as close to the wood burner as she can without actually getting inside it. Some say she is brave. Some (me) say she is stupid. Especially when part of her training involves sitting on the poker. hours at work have been temporarily increased. I have extended my self-employed repertoire into the worlds of 'Outreach' and 'After School Classes.' This is good as it will give me the funds to make more wool purchases because...
...I am knitting like a crazy mad knitting lady at the mo. Yesterday I knitted so much my ring finger went numb.
...I have changed the direction of the situation of the kitchen table and I like it better now it is going acrossways as opposed to lengthways. It is more aesthetically pleasing. 
...I was so fed up with the rain yesterday that I went into the back garden and shouted at the sky to stop. It made not one iota of difference. However, on reading last year's diary in a desperate moment to discover 'when will proper daylight return?' I was encouraged to note that the entry for 12th February cited it 'being light at 6.30 a.m through to gone 5.30 p.m. Hurrah!' It was a slow news day that day.
...squeezing the reflexology point for ears in an attempt to lessen my pulsillitae tinnitus which is driving me crackers at the moment, I succeeded only in making my little and fourth toes REALLY hurt. So now I have a wheeshing ear AND bruised tootsies. 
...I ate too much apple crumble today and I think it has stuck to my rib cage. Attempts to shift it with biscuits have failed.
...we finally managed to watch the remainder of 'Les Miserables' last night. It has to be the grimmest, direst, most depressing film I have EVER seen and it will NOT be going on my list of 'Films To Iron To' which currently stands at 'Hairspray' and 'Tamara Drew' along with the boxed sets of 'Jam and Jerusalem' and 'The Darling Buds of May.'
...the rosemary has new sprigs of growth on it. Bluebells are emerging in the front borders. Snow, therefore, is no longer allowed. It is the law. 
...I am contemplating a new carpet in the bedroom. It is the same carpet from when we moved here over 9 years ago, so I think I am justified. And it has been irritating me of late, Lord knows why, so that doubles the justification. I am thinking 'mulberry', I am thinking 'damson', I am thinking 'aubergine.' I am thinking, why are so many carpet colours linked to food? Still, at least they are healthy food, and not things like 'banoffee pie' or 'gypsy tart' or 'Findus Crispy Pancake.'

And that, dear blogging pals, is about it from Much Malarkey Manor for this week. 


Countryside Tales said...

I think Gypsy Tart is a fab name for a carpet. I'd buy it for that reason alone. And I love the idea of attempting to dislodge food that's stuck to your rib cage using biscuits. I tried that last night with chocolate after eating too much chinese and it didn't work either.
Me too on the knitting front- both doing lots of it and buying wool wherever I see it. The bedroom is in danger of disappearing beneath wool mountains, but at least if it does and we're in it at the time we'll be warm. And well done that baby girl for learning ballet. I did too, although you'd never know it now!
And finally, I think it's more than my turn to send you some healing, so I shall be thinking of the insides of your ears and wishing them cessation from the whistles. Love CT xx

Denise said...

Dislodge Chinese with chocolate??? Are you crazy, woman?! I am loving the knitting at the moment - already I am thinking of knitting for the new baby and have been searching for lovely baby wool on the interwebbly. And thank you for the healing thoughts - my ear is really going some at the moment and for someone who likes her peace and quiet it is a real pest. But then there are folks worse off than me, so mustn't complain. Xxx

Lou Mary said...

Glad to hear you have been knitting lots! I haven't done any in ages! I do have a finished item to show you all though! My mum forbids me to buy any more wool - it is taking over my room!

Denise said...

Lou, I am very much looking forward to seeing the finished article - what is it? I am all excited by the mystery!