Monday, 17 February 2014

Chairs and Cakes and Builders

Our new armchair arrived today. Tybalt immediately took charge. He thanked us kindly for providing him with such a comfy seating arrangement and, as you can see from the steely glint in his eye, dared anyone else to come within buttock planting distance. Even Flora Bijou Mybug could make no further progress than a five second rest on the one of the wings. However, she has tried its potential as a scratching post. I gave her a strict talking to. I said woolly wellies would be the order of the day if she didn't keep her claws to herself. She sulked off under the chair and stropped the carpet instead.

And here is the cake that Great British Bake Off Apprentice baker Andy rustled up for Heather for her birthday today whilst I was upstairs sitting in an embryonic healing circle (more news of which to follow in the next few weeks).  Pity Heather is in London at the moment seeing 'Spamalot.' She is much further from the cake than say, me. The cake smells...ooooh, quite quite yum, and possibly more than a cake loving Mum of a Birthday Girl could resist. But resist I shall, because it would be rudeness on a paper doily to start a birthday cake without the rightful recipient being present, would it not, especially as Andy posted a picture of it on Facebook and the Birthday Girl is now aware of its existence. 

Our Builder Chap, Mike, came for a visit today. To price up a couple of jobs we want doing. He took one look at the hall wall and the havoc being wreaked upon it by the still unresolved roof problem, and said, 'I can sort that out, too, if you like.'

'If we like? IF WE LIKE????' 

With roofer number 5 failing to return our call, of course we like! So Builder Chap Mike did a spot of measuring, and chatting, and swinging the light on his laser measuring thing around the floor so Flora could play 'Chase Mr Light', and finally we feel like something is being done about our leak. I am not even going to think of the cost because it has now got to the point where it is dragging Andy and I down and we just want it sorted. 

And that's about it for today. 


rusty duck said...

Hurrah for builders!
Could Tybalt be seduced off chair with a piece of that cake?

Denise said...

Oddly not, Jess. He is a picky eater unless tuna is involved. He can tell if a tin of tuna is being opened - he is tuna aware.

Also, Andy the Vet would not approve. Cats and chocolate do not mix. This is the only reason I would not wish reincarnation as a cat! And, indeed - hurrah for builders!

Countryside Tales said...

I LOVE that photo of Tybs. Evidently, that is HIS chair and will remain so forever more, which is perfectly sensible. And, having seen that cake, I remind you of my earlier comment about sharing husbands. I am VERY impressed at your cake-related self-control, as not even facebook (actually, that should read 'especially facebook') would prevent me from eating it.
ps- have got your email, will reply properly tomorrow, but all sounds JUST RIGHT xx