Friday, 14 February 2014

Much Malarkey Valentine

Just a quickie this evening, as Andy and I have just returned from our even-less-than-annual visit to the cinematography palace. We went to see the new Nick Frost film, 'Cuban Fury' which, once I had recovered from the shock of how much it actually costs to go to the pictures these days, I enjoyed enormously. On our way home, with the sounds of Latino rhythm pulsating in our ears (either that or my tinnitus if building itself up for another noisy interlude) we discussed the idea of starting salsa classes and are currently all fired up to do so, but once we've slept on it, the fire of enthusiasm will likely fade and I shall return to my uninspiring keep fit routine of jogging on the spot in front of Deal or No Deal.

Oh, but will I? Will I?? Or did I receive as a Valentine's gift today something that will banish the boredom of on the spot jogging and replace it with something infinitely more vibrant and exciting? 

Yes I did! Not only did Andy present me with Despicable Me 2 which, as he pointed out, is a love story, he also gave me Maracattack, the workout DVD by Miranda Hart! Oh yes! I shall be shaking my maracas tomorrow - well, I might be shaking tins of beans or some other suitable substitute as I do not yet possess your actually maracas and may need to improvise whilst I become properly maracafied. I am toying with making my own maracas - I mean, they can't be more complicated to construct than a bit of hollowed out paper mâché filled with lentils and stuck on a stick, surely? And painted, of course. I thought I'd decorate them as Minions to continue the Valentine gift theme. 

That's all. Just wanted to send Valentine Hugs to All as the weather continues on a horrid fashion and annoyingly our leaky roof saga continues too (though our amateur roof patching has made a significant improvement  to the original leak so it could be worse) and we have been let down today by roofing person number 4 which means I shall spend tomorrow trying to get someone else to come and mend things. Why don't people turn up when they say they will? And if they can't turn up for some reason, why can't they just phone and say so? So aggravating.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day. Saturday. Maracaday!!!

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Countryside Tales said...

We don't do the cinema en famille anymore, since we were informed it would cost us £60 for the 5 of us to see a film. Glad you had a lovely time and am looking forward to seeing your homemade maracas. x