Saturday, 11 December 2010

Busy Bees!

This morning Andy and I were up with the lark because we, or rather I, had decided yesterday to do some furniture re-arranging. It's a woman thing, apparently, and I know Andy would rather I left the furniture where it is, but once I get an urge to shift stuff around there's no stopping me.

My reasons were: we need to find space for the Christmas tree. And, er...

Well, that was about it.

Anyway, we moved the small bookshelf and the tall bookshelf from the living room into my writing room. We moved the TV unit from my writing room into the living room where the small bookshelf had been and the coffee table into the space where the tall bookcase had been. Then we moved the other small bookcase from my writing room up to Andy's study and the tall corner unit in my writing room to the greenhouse where it will be used to grow seedlings upon.

With me so far? Good!

We also moved a lot of dust, cobwebs and cat fur, and Andy hasn't stopped sneezing yet. We hoovered and dusted and downsized our book and DVD collection during a very ruthless ten minutes which involved throwing aforesaid items into either binbags or boxes and shouting 'OUT!OUT!OUT!!!!!!!' before we changed our minds.

And then, during a break, I happened to wander into the 'conservatory.' And lo! what did I behold?? A gazzilion bees darting in and out and around the hive in a dizzy state of excitement because the weather is now mild and the sun was out and it was positively balmy in their corner of the garden. I called Andy; we rushed outside and stood by the hive. Oh the noise of buzzing! Oh the busyness of the bees!

The Malarkey Bees have made it through the worst period of cold weather we've had for years and are still going strong!!!! Allow me a 'Hurrah!' if you will...


So Andy suited up and went to get the feeder. I made more feed - they hadn't quite got through the last lot. And we stood and watched our girls with a mixed sense of pride and relief at their resilience.

Maybe, just maybe, this means they'll get through to next Spring?

And we've got space for the Christmas tree!


Anonymous said...

I can't quite believe that you failed to mention that moving the furniture also involved me getting out the circular saw and making the television table an inch narrower so that it would fit into the gap! This was the most fun of the day! (after bee excitement obv!)

Bob said...

Hurrah for bees!!

Circular saw???? Since when did 'man using circular saw' trump 'bees surviving arctic winter'??

Anonymous said...

I hope you're not giving them syrup in this weather...