Thursday, 2 December 2010

Three Toasty Hens

'Well, this is more like it,' says Mrs Miggins. 'Far more Orangery than the Orangery.'

With the snow still falling non-stop 48 hours after it started, Andy and I made the executive decision this morning to move the hens into the greenhouse. They were refusing to leave their pod and we were growing concerned about their little legs getting all stiff, and the fact they didn't seem to be eating much.

So we removed edible stuff like our new strawberry plants, and spread a load of straw over the floor. We transfered the pod and now the hens are having a whale of a time in the greenhouse, eating spiders and digging up a flower trough that has been retired for the Winter but is still full of potting compost thus making it into a lovely dust bath.

With the chickens now warm and draft-free, able to stretch their legs, dust-bath and eat and drink properly, we set off into town for a spot of exercise.

And what a lovely morning we had! The snow fell non-stop but town was very empty. Lots of shops were closed, but the important ones like Waterstone's with their coffee shop were open. We popped in to see Heather who was at work being bored because there were no customers, so I bought a pair of red and white jim jams decorated with polar bears just to give her something to do and probably doubling the morning's profits in one fell swoop. Then into the virtually deserted coffee shop where we had a hot chocolate with whipped cream and a chocolate muffin sitting by the window watching the world go by. A quick visit to Sainsbugs, a quick visit to BHS to try on hats and then a slow walk home through the snow.

And still it snows. The sky is the same colour as the snow-covered roof tops. Although the forecasts suggest it should be stopping, the sky doesn't seem to be taking any notice. Andy and I are snuggled by the fire watching 'A Muppet Christmas Carol' and wondering when would be the best time to go and clear the driveway in anticipation of going back to work tomorrow. I'm just thinking about knitting a frog. Like you do.

Wherever you are I hope the snow isn't causing you too much grief. And even though it is cold outside I hope you are with people who are making you feel warm and loved.

And that your chickens (and other assorted livestock/ pets) are toasty and realise how lucky they are to have you as an owner!

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