Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Good Day

You know when people ask you how your Christmas Day was, and you generally reply 'Fine thanks,' because it generally was, but really it was like most other days only with presents and excessive food?

Well, this year I can definitely say that Christmas 2010 was one of the best Christmas Days EVER, and this is why...

... there was very much laughter - an important ingredient for any day of the year
...we didn't wake until 7.30 a.m which is previously unheard of in the history of my Christmas experiences, but a far more civilised start to the day which meant I didn't doze off half way through the evening when all the decent TV has started

...Chris and Leane spent the day with us, with baby Kayleigh celebrating her first Christmas by doing sustained 'look-I'm-standing-all-on-my-own' performances in the kitchen
...Kayleigh ate three profiteroles without with the aid of any cutlery - it was messy, it was funny, it was a moment of joyous foodie extravagance and she got away with it because she is a baby!

...we also discovered that Yorkshire puddings are as big as a baby's face

...we made lunch last well over two hours because we stopped between goose and chocolate bombe for a board game. Pudding was enjoyed much more because of this interlude
...I did not succumb to goose, even though it looked bloomin' marvellous. Instead I made a veggie Christmas pie with squash, stilton, cranberries, walnuts and herbs and oooooohhhhh it was delicious and so I don't mind being a vegetarian at Christmas!

... Kayleigh very obligingly took a one hour nap lasting from the start of the Doctor Who Christmas Special to the end of the Doctor Christmas Special - Andy was very relieved

And so I hope that your Christmas Day contained magic moments such as these and was just that little bit more special than a 'Fine, thanks' day.

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