Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A Bit of a Solar Eclipse

I didn't wake until fairly late today - well, actually, I was awake at 4.22 a.m, fretting about my destiny because the destiny question is still languishing, void-like, in my Book of Days. So I went downstairs and curled up on the sofa because although Andy was keeping me awake with an interesting selection of orchestral snoring songs, I was probably not helping by my fidget 'n' fret contribution.

Anyhow, I woke at 7.45ish, when Andy patted my face to tell me he was off to work and there was a cup of tea on the side for me.
'Oooh,' I thought. 'I need to get up. Partial solar eclipse about to start.'

I remember the total solar eclipse back in 1999...or was it 2000?? Anyway, I do remember it, because me and the children (as they were then) cobbled together a complex viewing apparatus aka a cardboard box with a pinhole in it, and a sheet of white paper sellotaped to the garage wall. I think some sort of lens or mirror might have been involved as well. But whatever we did a la Blue Peter style, worked very well and we were able to watch the eclipse on the garage wall in glorious monochromatic shadow and without blinding ourselves.

Today, I thought I'd peer at the partial eclipse askance through the kitchen blind. It was due to run between 8.10 and 9.30. At 8.10, the sky was full and clouds and looking murky. There was a spot of blue breaking open in the North, which was no good at all. I went to feed the hens. They were busy with a cardboard box, a pin and a mirror. There was a piece of paper sellotaped to the inside of the greenhouse.
'What are you lot up to?' I said.
'Watching a boxed set of film reels of old Charlie Chaplin films,' said Miggins. 'You can join us if you like.'
'I'll pass on that one if you don't mind,' I said.
'No skin off my rice pudding,' said Miggins, which made me feel instantly nauseous.

Back indoors I continued sky watch. Clouds, clouds, clouds. And then at 9.20, the sun came out in a blaze of glory, and then it went dark and miserable again and Duncan's horses did eat themselves. Good old Macbeth. Good old Shakespeare. A quotation for every occasion.

So, bit of a damp squid there. Squid? Squib.

I think I'm fighting a bit of a cold. Kayleigh has been very generous with her mucoid sneezing since just after Christmas and I may have succumbed to baby germlettes. But I've been reflexologising the bottom of the base of my big toe (throat area) and it appears to be working as I've not yet had to resort to the drug cocktail.

Also, you may have noticed the new profile photo of moi. I'm not sure about it. Still, it's what happens when you trust a cat with a camera. They're all paws when it comes to buttons.

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