Thursday, 20 January 2011

A change is as good...

There is a school of thought that suggests doing something you don't normally do has the power to invigorate the mind and spirit. So on Tuesday, my day off, and happily ensconsed in my writing room doing a bit o' study and a bit o' writing, I decided to listen to Radio 3. Usually I listen to Radio 7 (comedy, book dramatisations) or Radio Kent (is it snowing again in Kent and have all the trains stopped?), or if I am feeling sadistic and marginally left-wing, or need an Archers fix, Radio 4. If I want to listen to a spot of classical, I'll pop on a CD.

But I thought, no, try a different radio station, and 3 was where I landed following a scary seven seconds with KERRRANG! (Or however they spelt it, I was too traumatised by the racket to watch the digital message for long enough to find out.)

Ooh, it was good! Mostly lovely relaxing plinky plonky music, sometimes uplifting inspirational anthems, occasionally bizarre almost trad jazz modern moments (during which I made cups of tea; I can't do discordant as it offends mine ear.) There were interesting little chats about composers, snippets of music history, and a couple of lengthy high brow analyses from people with names like Professor Branston Pyckle-O'nion of The Hoi-Pollio Music Academy of Bratislava, who were incredibly earnest and knowledgeable and entertaining.

Radio 3, it seems, might be my new best listening friend.

The chickens, you will be unsurprised to discover, like a spot of opera. Mrs Miggins likes anything hot and Italian, Mrs Pumphrey is keen on Gilbert and Sullivan, Mrs Slocombe likes Gilbert O'Sullivan.

'Gilbert O'Sullivan is not opera,' says Mrs Miggins.
'Isn't he?' says Mrs Slocombe.
'No,' says Mrs Miggins. 'Not by a long shot. Try again.'
'Er...Bidet?' says Mrs S, hopefully.
'No,' says Mrs Miggins.
'The Magic Toot?'
Mrs Miggins shakes her head.
'Tour En Dot?' says Slocombe.
'I went on one of those once,' says Mrs Pumphrey.
'Just stop it, all of you,' I say, because I have no idea where I am going with this, but I am quite hungry at the moment what with it being almost dinner time and the man Andy is slaving over a hot stove so I am going to blame a low blood sugar level for my lack of grasp on the current plot.
'Perhaps I'll stick to KERRRANG!' says Mrs Slcombe.
'Well that explains a lot,' I say.

And thus I sign off, with apologies for my weak rear end.

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