Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Baby Independence

There are many things you can do when you are a baby, that you can't get away with when you are older. It is a pity, I often think, that we are too young to remember these unrepressed times, when you can do a bottom burp and everyone laughs and thinks it is hilarious, or you can blow a prolonged and wet raspberry to show your disapproval of something, and everyone laughs and thinks its hilarious.

Try behaving like that when you are more than 3 years old and see where it gets you. (And it's frowned upon even more when you reach your forties.)

Anyway, Kayleigh is exerting her independence in the 'I'll-feed-myself-thank-very-much' kind of way. She is wielding cutlery, and experimenting with culinary mixes (I believe it's called 'fusion food?) that would make Heston Bloomenthal turn slighty green and maybe yak a little.
Here we have a study of 'Kayleigh With Pasta and Fork.' Note the sideways mouth approach because silly Gran doesn't have a baby sized fork so Kayleigh is having to manage a grown up fork. She will only eat one piece of pasta at a time. Spear the fork with any more than one piece and surplus pieces will be off-loaded. It can be a bit of a slow process, but very good for digestion.

Here is the study 'Kayleigh Mixes Pasta With Summer Fruit Fool.' Observe how cutlery is redundant. When one is learning spoon technique, it's sometimes more satisfying when speed is of the essence to dispense with the spoon and go straight in with the hands. Bit squidgy, but a tactile delight.

Here is the study 'Kayleigh is Full Up and Would Like a Bath, Please.' Note the sleepy eyes, the free-style hand gestures, the evidence on the table that suggests the baby has been well-fed and then some.
And finally - 'Kayleigh Says HURRAH For Being Independent and Learning How To Do Things For Herself.'
Make the most of it, precious child, because the next time you'll be able to get away with eating free-style will be when you are 94 and ga-ga!

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Bob said...

So not true Kayleigh - Ive been eating freestyle for years - just dont get hitched, live on your own and get perverse pleasure of seeing the disgust on your lodgers face when you dunk carrots in strawberry jam and call it two of your five a day. You never have to grow out of it - or is that just me!!