Friday, 11 March 2011

Of The Week

Pancake of the Week - the fifth one made by Andy on Tuesday.

Tantrum of the Week - Year 9 girl who ACTUALLY lay down in the corridor on the top floor of the English department and FLAILED about shouting at everyone in general -'YOU DON'T KNOW NUFFIN' ABOUT WOT IT'S LIKE TO BE ME.' No love, and behaving like that, we wouldn't want to either. Dealt with by the admirable Mr Watson, who stepped over her and said, 'Are you going to get up, or continue to lie there like an idiot?'

Compliment of the Week - on explaining iambic pentameter to Dan in Year 7 - 'You don't half know a lot about English, don't you ma'am?'

Chewing Gum Collection of the Week - 7 pieces in 15 minutes whilst assisting with a mixed Year 7 and 8 group working in the library...sorry, learning resource centre.

Yuk of the Week - Phoebe being sick in Andy's shoe

Fluff of the Week - underneath the cupboard in the bathroom. Enough to make 4 dust bunnies at least. Must have a word with the maid.

Surprise of the Week - seeing fresh green buds growing on the tips of the branches of the Christmas tree we planted. OUR CHRISTMAS TREE HAS SURVIVED!!!!!

Lump-in-the-Throat of the Week - watching Mrs Pumphrey make a detailed recce of the garden this morning in search of Mrs Miggins.

Delayed Reaction of the Week - from Jonathan, a tutee whom I used to teach at my previous school - 'I used to have a teacher at my old school who looked just like you, Miss. ' 'That's because it was me, Jonathan.'

Exciting, Yet At the Same Time Rather Sad Moment of the Week - finding someone local who will deliver a load of horse manure to the allotment tomorrow.

Ooo-er Moment of the Week - listening to the rather alarming and increasingly frequent noises emitting from the toaster and waiting for the inevitable moment when it decides to blow up/ combust/ short-circuit the entire house

Vague Thought of the Week - 'I'm thinking I might squeeze some quail into the garden.'

Mystery of the Universe of the Week - 'Why do empty loo roll tubes get left on top of the bin in the bathroom rather put inside the bin in the bathroom?'

Flower of the Week - Daffodil.

Nut of the Week - Brazil.

Colour of the Week - a nice sky blue.

Happy Week-end!

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